Monday, July 17, 2017

My soul sings...

When I look at this little boy, I see a little soul that is singing.  Even in the nightmarish place that he is in, he is smiling and laughing.  I can't help but believe that God is smiling in return....He must know what a gift this boy will be.   What a blessing He will be bestowing.

Look at this little man. Look at how thin he is.  This is not due to his arthrogryposis.  This is a little boy who is hungry.   He is hungry for more than just adequate food.  He is hungry for love, for touch, for attention, for stimulation....for a family.  He needs to know that he BELONGS to someone.  That this is not just a passing moment in which someone's attention is focused on him.

My understanding is that he has been listed before.  He is now 7 years old.  7 YEARS OLD, without a family or even adequate care.  He is in an Eastern European country.  One that has a very easy dossier and pretty easy guidelines. 

To learn more about him, contact Judy at Global Adoptions - .

Please, if he is not your son, please plead with our Father in Heaven to open the doors for a family to find him soon.  Time is not the friend of these children - it is a vicious enemy.  It steals and destroys day in and day out.  As sure as the sun rises and sets.

Please, my Lord, please bring this one that makes my soul sing to a family.  You are able.  You are faithful.  You are good.


  1. It sounds like you have fallen in love with this little boy (and I can not blame you, what a heart stealing smile!). Do you feel that your family is now complete, or are you considering adding on in the future? Or just leaving that in God's hands for right now.

  2. I would love to be this little boy's mama! But that doesn't always mean that is God's Will for us. All the kids on the side bar are children that I would love to bring home to our family! There are thousands....honestly, millions of children, that I cannot bring home. I have had to learn to trust God's plan and His love for the orphan that is far greater than my own. I am guessing we will adopt more - we just tried to adopt two boys - one of them "Bryson" whom I shouted for here - but one of them had already aged out and "Bryson" has most likely gone to Heaven with Jesus. He has disappeared from the country's listings and that usually means they have died. This was really heartbreaking to us, especially after losing Nora. We will just take one day at a time. If someone else adopts this beautiful boy, then our home will still be open to another little one. It is always a good thing to bring in more families to adopt!

    Though it may seem like we just "leap" into an adoption, it really is weeks, months, even a year of wrestling - painful wrestling - in prayer and sometimes with each other. Is this what God wants us to do? Is this the child God has for us? Can we do more? How will it effect the children we have? Are we just too tired? And then it always circles back to - is this what God wants us to do? Because that is always the most important question....

  3. I, too, enquired about little Bryson, and got nowhere. I do not qualify for his country, but I though they might make an exception due to his high needs.

  4. Unfortunately, as the new rules in China have shown us, it has very little to do with the child's needs and everything to do with the government's decisions. These decisions can be very warped by groups both in the country and outside the country that are against international adoption.

  5. It appears your little Dude will be adopted! I think he is the same child "Sawyer" on RR and it looks like someone has committed to him.