Friday, January 27, 2017

Still here.......!

I can't believe it has been 2 1/2 months since my last post!  As I have said before, if it gets really quiet on the blog, God is usually keeping us really busy.

There is so much to say, but so little time.  Some will have to be shared at a later time.  I just know that people have been checking to be sure that we are okay.....and we are.

It has been a long stretch of sickness including strep throat, walking pneumonia, and the flu.  So many trips to urgent care and a long hospital stay for one.  Hard weeks....but always more than worth it for my precious kiddos.

We have sent our dossier to China for Nora.  I am counting the moments until we can get that precious girl home again.  With all the political uproar over the new president, we are even more anxious to get her home.

We requested to add a second little girl with Apert Syndrome to our adoption - a beautiful little girl that needs the medical care that is available here......and China said no.  We appealed it....and they still said no.  It turns out that we were the beginning of a tightening of regulations in China regarding their adoptions.  No families with over 10 kids (including the adopted child), no waivers for income, etc.  This really crushed me.  I knew that eventually it would come, but I always prayed it would not be with a specific child already on my heart - even though I knew we wouldn't ask if we hadn't already fallen in love with another little person.  This was a painful, painful blow.

I am told China does this every few years and then loosens then regulations again.  My heart hurts for all the families being told no.  It hurts even more for all the children that could have had forever families and now will wait in orphanages......maybe for the rest of their lives.  It hurts to know it all and not be able to do anything to help.  My advocacy efforts are not effective that I can tell - I pray that maybe God is using our story to encourage others and more kids are being adopted.  We do know of one family who is adopting because of our precious Brooke's story....I praise the Lord for that one more being saved - but how I have prayed it was ten....and twenty...and more....and more.

Most of our appointments have been cancelled because of sickness and the hospital stay.  The tears are not far from me some nights, but every day is worth it.  Every little upturned face (usually needing a nose wipe!) is worth it.  Every little face that does not willingly look up at me because of their worth it.  They have been declared by the Father as precious in His sight.  Each one is worth every tear, every nose wipe, every desperate cry of my soul.

Pray for little Nora.  Pray for her comfort and safety.  Pray for quick LOA for her.  Pray for quick travel.  Pray for the Lord to bring a new generation of families who don't have 10 kids yet (!) to save more of these children.

Until He comes, I will trust Him.

Oh, and to Randy, who found our blog.  It was a pleasure to talk with you today....and I do assure you that all 19 kids live at home with us. :)  Thank you for your kindness.

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  1. The no-waiver situation is so hard - prayerfully everything will work out for those precious waiting kids. I'm so sorry that you already had a daughter on your heart, though. That would be so painful.

    I will keep your family and beautiful Nora in my prayers!