Wednesday, May 25, 2016

No words....

This little guy is haunting my thoughts....there are just no words right now other than Please, Lord Jesus, please send someone to save him.....

From his file on Reece's Rainbow "Bryson is a year and a half old and has congenital Spina bifida with hydrocephalus. At the end of 2015 he underwent a surgery for treatment of the Spina Bifida due to it bursting. From information from the Center staff at the same time the shunt was also removed as the neurologists decided that the child does not need shunt. After these surgeries his condition has considerably worsened. Before the surgeries Bryson was smiling, turning to his name, he made limited movements with his head from lying position, he was moving his upper limbs and was holding tight for a short time objects with his hand. Now he cannot move his limbs, there is no eye contact, does not react to stimulus (toys, different sounds). He has wounds on his body due to sudden crack of capillary. From words of the staff, Bryson still reacts to his name, cries when he is hungry and reacts to pain. Until about a year ago Bryson was fed with tube but with common efforts now he eats by spoon. Bryson is sweet and fragile little boy. Although the bad prognosis of the doctors, he still breaths and fights for his life. Everybody in the Center talk about him with pain in their hearts and tears and their eyes, their innermost dream is good people to be found, who can give their love to Bryson."

Oh, my sweet Savior, be near. 

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