Friday, April 1, 2016


As you know, the last two years we have been Angel Tree Warriors through Reese's Rainbow for this amazing little guy, "Rudy".

His pictures were so old, but there just wasn't any updates.  I thought I had found him last year, but in the end, the birth dates didn't add up. :(  I decided to search again, which is equivalent to finding a needle in a haystack...but I do it every once in awhile.  Well, praise the Lord, last night I found him!

Here are his new pictures:

What a cutie!!!

If that wasn't enough, there are two PRECIOUS videos!

OH! MY! GOODNESS!!!  What a treasure!

Please pray with me for a family for him!  He is listed as "Caleb" with GWCA.  You can contact for more information.  She personally met him about 4 weeks ago!

My heart is doing a happy dance!

Until He comes.....