Monday, February 29, 2016

Well, that didn't go as planned!

You know the phrase about "best laid plans"....hmmmm.  Well, Saturday night Serenity ended up heading to the hospital via ambulance.  She had a constant/continuous cough and her heart rate was going crazy on the monitor.  At first it looked like she would come home on Sunday, but now it has hit that yucky "indefinite" stage.  She is on oxygen and even with that, she is only stating in the low 90s.  They have determined it is the HMV virus (which is very much like RSV) but that is a tough thing for a kiddo on a trach.  She will not head home until her stats are in the mid 90s without oxygen.  She does not feel "sick" - so this is a bit of a challenge for Handsome in keeping her busy.  They cannot walk the hospital halls as they normally do because she is contagious. :(

This also meant that the big "round table" appointments were cancelled today.  I had a grown up temper tantrum over this until I reminded myself of God's unending faithfulness to us.....He has a reason.  I will trust it. 

Will keep you posted - please keep Serenity in your prayers.


  1. Amy, I'm praying for Serenity and that all the details for the "round table" will fall into place in God's timing! He sure likes to keep things interesting, doesn't He? :-)

  2. Scary to have another ambulance come to your home. God is in Control and Serenity is blessed to have a family that loves her through this illness, Praying for your sweetie. That big meeting will happen in His always Perfect Timing. Hugs, to you my Friend!