Thursday, February 11, 2016

Love the waiting...

No, actually I don't.  With every adoption and pregnancy, a point hits that I just don't think I can stand the wait anymore.  With pregnancies, it hits about 32 weeks - 2 months before baby comes!  With each adoption, it is a little different - but one thing that is sure to trigger it is the government offices in the other country being closed.....I am happy that the Chinese people enjoy their new year's celebrations and if I wasn't waiting for our LOA/LSC - I would find it awesome that everything closes down for two weeks and many people return to their hometowns to celebrate.  This year?  I am working at being happy for them, I really am. :)  But, oh, I want to know when I will hold my Lucy girl again.  I want to know when I will get some more information and updated pictures for Peter.  Tonight, the wait just seems too long....

Jillian is doing fabulous after her surgery.  She is one tough little kiddo.  Her skull looks beautifully shaped and expanded and other than having to be still while I work at keeping the incision clean, she is back to normal. didn't help with the crankiness...that seems to be a character flaw, not due to pain.  My other over-the-top smart kiddo is also a very cranky maybe crankiness and high intelligence are linked?  She is too smart for my own good, that is for sure.

We had to delay Grace's surgery to the first part of March due to a cold and fever.  Please be praying she is healthy for the next scheduled date - I really want this one over with.  She has a very difficult time in the hospital and having her routine changed.  How I love that beautiful girl!

As I said, we are waiting (not so) patiently for China's offices to reopen.  I am praying for a quick LOA/LSC after that.  We are still waiting and praying for God's provision for the last $9700 we need to finish this adoption.  We will see where we are at after filing income taxes.  I am praying for May travel - but it would take God moving on our behalf at this time.

Thank you to all who pray for us and check back regularly for our "updates" soon as I have a true update, I will post it. :)

Until He comes....

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  1. Haha, I am 32 weeks pregnant so I know exactly what you are talking about! Praying for God's provision for you!