Friday, January 22, 2016

A big day!

Today is sweet Jilly-Bean's first skull surgery.  They will be doing a "rear-vault expansion" - meaning they will be adding to the back of her head.  I should have gotten a picture of the "before" and "after" because it is AMAZING what they can do!  She will be in the hospital for around 5 days depending on her swelling and pain factors.

These aren't really the back of her head, but you can see that it is fairly flat.  As I mentioned before, the lack of space in the skull is putting pressure on her brain as well as on her optic nerves (which would eventually cause brain-damage and blindness).  Because she is home so much younger than Serenity - and getting the surgery so much younger, there should be very little long term damage. (Just a side note, if she had been born in the US, this surgery would have happened within the first year of her life.)

Look at this beautiful little face!

We just love this precious, energetic, cranky little girl!  Yes, she is very cranky - but she is oh, so, smart!  She reminds us a great deal of The Prince when he came home from Ethiopia.  He was the crankiest baby we had ever known - but he is also one of the maybe it goes hand-in-hand. 

Please pray for her today.  It is always hard to hug my babies and send them in for surgery.  It just goes against the grain of my mama's heart....but I also know that this is so needed for her future growth and present comfort.  I just pray for God's sovereign Hand to be resting upon her and her doctors.

Catching up on all the news -life has been so busy, there has been so much that God is working on in my heart, and my computer has been on the fritz for weeks - I have just gotten behind.  You can pretty much bet if the blog goes silent for a while that God is working on our lives again and I just don't know what to say at the time.  There is always so much I have to learn.  So many things that I need to learn to hand over to Him....Heaven will be a place of rest from this wrestling, but until He calls me home there is still so much to learn.   Anyway - some of the things I can share now, others will have to wait for a while....

Little Grace is going to have rods put in her back for her scoliosis.  We were desperately praying to avoid this as it is a risky, painful surgery and it must be redone about every 6 months to extend the rods as she grows.  She has been in a brace, but when we went in for a check up, her scoliosis has progressed rapidly to the point that surgery has to be done.  But even as the tears were filling my eyes, her doctor said "BUT WAIT!"  and said that in this last year everything has changed in the world of scoliosis.  They have developed "growing rods" that are put in and then as they need to get longer, a huge magnet is put up to the child's back and it magnetically draws another little piece of the rod out without surgery.  They just roll the machine up to their back and click - the rod is longer.  Can you imagine?  It just took my breath away.  No more constant fears - no more brace  - PRAISE THE LORD!  I am still not happy about surgery for my precious girl - but this is SO much better than what we thought.  This surgery is scheduled for Feb 11th.

And since we are trying to get all the surgeries in before Handsome goes to China, Serenity is scheduled for her last pinkie to be "released" at the end of April.  I am also trying to get Jillian's thumbs released between Grace's surgery in Feb and Serenity's surgery....that way we will be free to focus on what Lucy and Peter will need.  I am so thankful that Handsome doesn't mind staying at the hospital - it is one of my least favorite things to do.  "Grammy" or I will go up during the day time so Handsome can go to work, but he will stay at night and on his days off.

We have very little information on Peter right now, but the information that we have makes my heart hurt.  He needs home quickly.  I have just run out of time, but will share more soon.  We are thankfully DTC/LID (dossier to China and Logged in dossier) as of last week - so we are praying we can travel by late spring/early summer.  Please keep praying.  We still have about $13,000 to raise for all the costs and fees involved.  We are trusting Him as He is always faithful.

Here is a picture of Peter from over 3 years ago - I cannot wait to get some updated pictures and information!

Until He comes.....

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