Sunday, November 1, 2015


I had found Reece's Rainbow many years ago, when we first began praying about a special needs adoption.  The first time I scrolled through the pages, I was honestly horrified.  All those children.  All those needs.  I was completely overwhelmed and quickly moved on.  But God continued to work on my heart.  Through the story of Kathy and Scott Rosenow at  The Shepherd's Crook He showed us that He could do amazing things through a large family, focused and dependent on Him. We found our precious Grace through The Shepherd's Crook.

Then the Lord brought me back to Reece's Rainbow after we had already begun Grace's adoption.  This time, my heart saw each precious face as an individual...a precious life...a pearl without price.  I was still overwhelmed, but in a different way.  I wanted to do something this time....I wanted to be part of the rescuing of these precious little ones.  Through Reece's Rainbow, we found Serenity and Hope - and have been fully engulfed in the world of special needs adoption.

Both The Shepherd's Crook and Reece's Rainbow have accounts for people to donate toward the cost of the adoption of a specific child.  It is an amazing way to help other families, even if you cannot adopt.  Each year at Christmas time, Reece's Rainbow has their "Angel Tree" - it is the opportunity through much promotion and effort to build the adoption accounts of these precious children needing families - a way to remove what is usually the biggest barrier to adoption - finances.  A child is not put on the Angel Tree unless they have a "warrior" - a family/person committed to advocating for that child.  The stated goal is to try to raise $1000 for each child.  Honestly, my hope is just to raise up prayer warriors to pray for my Angel Tree kiddos.

This year, there was a lack of "warriors" compared to the amount of kids that were able to be on the Angel Tree, so they allowed us to be warriors for two kids for the first time.  Both are very precious to us.

The first is Rudy.  We were his Angel Tree warriors last year.  It is heartbreaking to see him still there...still needing a family.  You can read more about him or donate to him here.

The second is beautiful Ginny. Look at those freckles!!!  Her description and donation button is here.

I will share more about them soon...but until then, PLEASE pray for them.  That God would raise up families to save them.

Until He comes....

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  1. Oh, Ginny looks so sweet! I saw her months ago and was drawn to her, but we had already committed to two little girls. I have watched and wondered if someone would choose her -- but, no. I am so glad you are her warrior. We also started one of our first adoptions years ago with the Shepherd's Crook. We then found Reese's Rainbow in 2011 and brought home our two girls in 2013.