Thursday, August 27, 2015

Wow....what a week!

We put our beautiful girl on the plane Saturday morning.  She did know that something was happening on Friday night when we took out her suitcase and began to repack it.  We did send most of her favorite new clothes, though I am guessing she will need to just add them to the shared orphanage clothes pile.  We kept her blue dress (seen here at her birthday party) and a few other things so she will have them when she comes home again forever.

We packed some fun new books and toys in a new backpack for the long travel back to the orphanage - about 36 hours worth of travel and waiting...  I had bought a necklace set from another family fundraising for their adoption.  It was a little tiny heart that fit into the bigger heart on the other necklace.  I gave it to her a day or two before she left.  She loved coming up and matching her little heart into my big one - getting a big hug every time.  we sent it with her as well, though I am not sure if she will be allowed to keep it or not.  The agency has said that we will be able to send her care packages and will send out info on that soon.  

But she did know something was going to happen.  On Saturday morning as I held her on my lap, she did begin to cry.  Oh, my heart.  :(  But that was the last of the tears.  Handsome said she was sad and quiet at the airport until he pulled out the photo book we put together for her.  Then she lit up and was showing the chaperone all the pictures of what she had done!   But it was very hard for Handsome to say goodbye...

We tracked her plane until it landed in Houston...then from Houston to Beijing...then waited for an email confirming that she got to the orphanage after the in-country flight.  She did seem well cared for in the orphanage, but it is still not home and family.

As soon as the tears stopped pouring down we started preparing for a social worker coming for a home visit on Sunday.  I was tired as she arrived just after church was over for my gang.  My throat started hurting - I assumed from the smoke blowing into our region from far away wildfires.  But I woke up in the middle of the night with a blazing fever and horrible aches and pains.  Monday I just laid in bed and groaned until it was time to feed the babies and then I would head to bed again.  Thank goodness it was Handsome's day off.  Tuesday was slightly better - tried to at least do the basics.  Wednesday I was still tired but eyeing huge piles growing around me was enough to keep me moving.  Today I got up ready to really get moving when we got an email - TA (Travel Approval) for Brooke and Jillian!  Praise the Lord!

So today we were busy rearranging schedules and sending emails and working on details for Handsome and The Helper to fly out in about two weeks. I had been praying for this for soooo long - but am still amazed it is actually happening.  Praying this morning, I said again that I knew God's plan was best and that I would trust Him....and then He opened the doors to travel.

So many things to ask for prayer for....but too tired tonight to list them out.  So let's just start with praise for His goodness to us and to two little girls so far away.   And of course, prayers for my Lucy girl.

Also today, Children's House International, our agency, got the file of the most beautiful little girl.  She is breath-takingly beautiful!  Her file name is Chelzey.  She is 3 1/2 years old.  She is paralyzed in her arms - they are stiff and she is not able to move them at all.  This also makes it impossible for her to walk due to balance issues.  But she is AMAZING.  She uses her toes and feet to do what she needs to do.  The agency met her and were simply stunned by her.  If you have a place for this little girl who needs a family of her own, please contact Nina at 

Please pray for this amazing little girl!

Until He comes.......

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  1. Praying for Lucy and your travel for Brooke and Jillian!!