Friday, August 7, 2015

She's home!

Serenity actually came home Tuesday night, but life has been a bit busy!  It was a last minute decision by the doctors (with the nurses helping).  The nurses felt that she could have gone home the day before, raising all our hopes though we should have known better!  We are veterans to the hospital thing after all, but we made a rookie mistake by hoping before papers were actually signed.  Tuesday morning the cranio team said she needed to stay another night....then the plastics team came in and said she was great and that they would talk to cranio.   Cranio still said, "No."  The nurses were not happy - Serenity is adored, but she is a handful!!!  Finally, we were told that as soon as she could see out of both eyes (they were extremely swollen) that she could go home.  The evening nurse came in and told Serenity to open both eyes and Serenity could just barely do it, but the nurse, (bless her heart!), said she was good! :)

She is definitely swollen - in fact, the kids think she looks like The Grumpy Cat that is all over the Internet.  I couldn't help but laugh!  She is acting a bit like the grumpy cat too.  In fact, she cried when she left the hospital because she is so pampered and adored there.  She has Daddy, Grammy, and big sister to cater to her every whim.  She can eat whatever and whenever she wants to and a constant stream of adoring fans (nurses and doctors) coming through to see her.  What is there not to like?

All joking aside, she is doing very well.  Her courage is amazing.  Her ability to adapt is incredible.  The swelling will go down - today we saw a little more of that right eye.  Just like last time, despite all the stitches and changes, the pain level doesn't seem very high.

We do think however, that we will put off her other hand surgery until next spring.  She was pretty traumatized before the surgery and we don't want to ever do permanent damage to that amazing spirit of hers.  In 3 weeks, she will have a sedated hearing test and that will be it for a while.  It will be a good break for her.  We can just enjoy uninhibited Serenity-joy for a while.  We will also finally get the hearing aids she needs and her glasses.

We have 2 weeks left with our precious Lucy.  So very, very hard to think of sending her away.  I am not a fan of hosting - but I will post our reasons for doing so soon.

We are within about 4 weeks of knowing when Handsome and the Helper will travel to get Brooke and Jillian.  They will either travel ASAP after TA or be delayed until the first week or so in Oct.  Waiting to see what the Lord has in store.  We received videos of them both.  I was so thankful to see that Jillian appeared very healthy and was walking.  Her head is in much better condition than Serenity's when we got her - mostly due to a difference of 2 1/2 years in their ages at adoption.  Her hands will need immediate attention and I am sure a skull surgery will be within the first 6 months - but what a beautiful,, beautiful little girl.  Brooke was full of energy and life!  I am so excited to hold that tiny bit of heaven in my arms.

We have received some amazing gifts from people - we are blown away by the generosity of people, some who have never even met us.  We are praying for the last monies needed for travel.  I cannot believe it is almost here.  Keep praying!

Please also pray for this little man - he is in URGENT need of a family due to heart issues.  For more information on this treasure, please contact Nina at CHI - .  Please lift him up in your prayers.


  1. Do the doctors think that her trach may be able to be removed once she has had her surgeries, or will she always have it?. I have little firecrackers of my own, and I can't imagine having to deal with that as well! They would be constantly messing with it.

    1. The plan is to remove the trach after her mid-face expansion in several years - this should open up her airway enough for the removal of the trach.

      So far, she has only dangerously messed with it once. She was mad at me when everyone else was gone. She was throwing a temper tantrum and I chose to walk away. I was loading the dishwasher and she came in still fussing at me. All of the sudden, she made a funny noise and turned around to see that she had pulled her trach out! I could not believe it! She freaked out (even though she can breathe around it). I quickly put her on her back on the floor and put it back in- I did it so fast it scared her even more! She was pretty quiet the rest of the evening. (Hooray for me) Several days later, she was angry again and started to play with her trach but my first loud "NO!" was enough to stop that.

      She does plug the hole with her thumb quite a bit as she has found that it makes a HORRIBLE noise when she tries to breathe. It freaks us all out... to her delight. She also "launches" the "trach cannon" at people she is angry at - she takes off the "nose" and then coughs phlegm out at a very fast rate and with a great deal of accuracy! She IS a firecracker!