Monday, August 3, 2015

Prayers for Serenity, please?

I realized that in all the hustle and bustle,  I did not post here about Serenity's surgery on Friday.  Good grief!

On Friday, Serenity had what should be her last skull surgery.  She had a "front orbital expansion" - meaning that they moved her forehead forward to better protect her eyes.  She will still need surgeries on her face, but this is the last on her skull.

It started out a little rough as she now recognizes that she is at the hospital for another surgery.  Handsome (who is staying with her) said that they had to give her some meds to help her calm down.  That hurts my mama's heart. :(

The surgery took longer than the 5-6 hours estimated because as they opened her skull, the found all kinds of holes in the dura (the membrane that is between the brain and the skull).  It was also twisted in areas that it should not have been.  They repaired it all successfully.  It sounds like this is something that is part of her Apert diagnosis, but it does increase the risk of infection as the dura keeps the spinal fluid from leaking/infection.

Because of the anticipated swelling from the surgery, the doctors stitched her eyelids shut so that, um, the eyes wouldn't pop out due to the swelling.  (My stomach rolls over every time I think about it!)  This has understandably made Serenity absolutely miserable!  We were told at first it would only be for 24 hours....then it changed to 48 we are looking at 72 hours?  There has been massive swelling.  The doctors still feel that it is within the realm of "normal" - but she is miserable.  She just laid on her Daddy's lap all day yesterday - our little whirlwind that doesn't slow down for a moment.  :(  She is also not eating - the child that is a bottomless pit. :(

Would you please pray for her today?  Pray by His grace that the swelling would recede, that they could take out the stitches, and that she would begin to eat?  She is pretty traumatized - like having to be put into one of the "cage" type beds because she won't stay put.  She has also managed to pull out her catheter (OUCH!!!) and one of her IV lines.  Yeah, not good times.

I am beginning to think we may (after consulting with her doctors) delay her other hand surgery until next spring or summer.  It is probably not worth the trauma right now that it would cause.  Prayers for wisdom with that would be appreciated as well.

I cannot wait until Handsome and Serenity are back at home...for all my babies to be under my wings again where I can comfort and hold and protect them as best I can.

We are praising God that our next round of fees for Brooke and Jillian have been paid.  We are down to the travel costs and fees - which is still a significant amount, but we are trusting Him as always.  (I will do a post soon on how we can "afford" to adopt so many times as I keep getting that question.) 

Mimi is feeling better after her antibiotics for the UTI.  I am anxiously watching for signs that the iron supplements are helping her anemia.  I love that tiny girl so very, very much! 

Finally, we are having such a grand time with Lucy.  She is so amazing and so very sweet.  We were given tickets to the baseball game and Handsome took her to some of the local landmarks - she enjoyed every minute.  Today she has a dentist appointment (Mimi's dentist happens to be Chinese, so he should be able to communicate with her!).  Tomorrow we will take her to the week swimming and camping.  I am finding however, that grief over sending her back is starting to taint every thing.  I know it is part of the program - but oh, how it hurts.  Praying for God's grace and leading.

My Savior is so good to me - always hearing my cries and pleas - never letting me drift too far from His side.  It is another time of pruning and redirecting as my stubborn heart wants to go its own way.  He is giving Handsome and I glimpses of what He may ask us to do in the future.  My breath is taken away first of all by His amazing plans - but then second of all by fear.  I cling to Him each day for the strength and grace to do all that is required of me.  He promises His storehouses never run dry - am I able to trust that completely?  Only by His grace...

Until He comes - come soon, Lord Jesus, come soon.

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