Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What a summer!

It has been a crazy busy summer - just as I hoped it would be.  I am a little stunned that we are already reaching the halfway point for summer break!  There is so much still that I want/need to get done.

I am packing up Handsome and most of the kids for the second of three camping trips this summer.  They leave tomorrow but I will have several of my big kids at home.  I will be preparing for a very special arrival on Monday.  Another of God's gifts to us.

Last fall when we felt God calling us to adopt again, we assumed that we would use the same agency that helped us bring home Grace, Serenity, and Hope.  We looked at their waiting children from China.  There was a little boy and a little girl, both with Down Syndrome and both in the same orphanage.  We immediately fell in love with them both and were ready to get started with the process!  Due to some unfortunate circumstances, we were not able to move forward with this agency.  We could not see eye-to-eye with them on some specific things and felt that we were being called elsewhere.  We were heartbroken to have to walk away from the pair, especially the beautiful little girl.  We found out a while later that the little boy had a family chose him (Yay, Young family!) but the little girl still waited.

God brought us to Brooke and Jillian and we are so over-the-moon in love with these precious girls.  We know we were made for them and them for us!  But every once in a while the little girl, named "Lucy", would tug at our hearts.

This spring, God brought a series of circumstances into our lives involving children aging out (becoming too old to be adopted) and others dying from lack of needed medical care.  We attempted to add a little girl to our current adoption that was aging out on May 5th.  We were her last chance, but God allowed the door to be closed through others' decisions.  We were heartbroken.  As we worked through the hurt and the inevitable question, "Why, Lord?  You are always perfect, always good...but why?"; Handsome told me that he wanted me to find Lucy and see if she had a family yet.  She was still with the same agency and still not chosen to be a beloved daughter.  Handsome shocked me by saying that he wanted to find her when our current adoption was complete and adopt her.  I was stunned silent for a bit but then told him that her country would not let us begin a new adoption until the other little girls had been home for at least six months.  He told me that was fine, but to just keep track of her.  I was amazed, but honestly, I filed it on the "back burner" because it still seemed so far away.

About a week later, I got an email from a completely different agency about orphan hosting.  We were not interested in orphan hosting, so I simply deleted it.  A little bit later though, I really felt that I needed to open that email for some reason.  It was one of those feelings that I just couldn't ignore.  So I pulled it up and scanned the children available for hosting - I couldn't believe my eyes!  There was Handsome's Lucy!  There she was!  Out of thousands of children, her little face was staring back at me....what were we to do?

We immediately began to pray and another roller coaster began.  We don't really like the idea of hosting because of how hard it can be on the kids.  They try to hide the "adoption" part of it, but most of the kids figure it out.  Whether you choose to adopt them or not, they still must go back to their country.  We also knew it was money that we needed for our current adoption - was this how God wanted us to use our money?  What about our current adoption?

God immediately provided a wonderful family in TX willing to pay half the hosting fees.  Wow!  Okay....we talked with the agency and explained our situation.  They agreed to go to the country officials and ask them what could be done....but that is a story for another day. :)  God is very good.

For now, we are going to rejoice in having our Lucy with us for 5 wonderful weeks.  I bought her jammies and a beautiful new blanket for her bed.  (We will take her shopping once she gets here for new clothes.  It is a little hard to guess her size.)  We found dollies and have plans for the zoo, swimming, a baseball game, a camping trip - all kinds of things that our kiddos thought she should experience while she is here.  Look at my beautiful girl:

I cannot wait to hold her close to my heart.  I am purposely ignoring the fact that I can only hold her for a little while.  I will just rejoice in the moments she is with us.  As for the rest of the story, we are still waiting to see what He has planned, but it is looking beautiful so far.

Just a few short weeks after Lucy has to fly back, Handsome and The Helper will be on the way to bring home our two other beautiful treasures!  Can you believe it?  The end of the long wait is finally in sight.  We are looking at clothes and dreaming of stockings and little girl hair bows.  We are praying for His provision for the final costs and perfect travel dates.  Oh, I cannot wait.  My heart is rejoicing.

Please pray for Lucy, Brooke, and Jillian as they have so many changes coming so quickly.  Pray for the Lord to sing over them and give them peace.

To Him be all the glory, honor, and praise!


  1. Praise the Lord! Your story is a reflection go how God works. I will be praying for your adoptions and for precious Lucy.

    My husband and I have began the adoption of a special needs little boy from China.
    We are also a large family and we live in Washington. :)

    Warmly, Addie

  2. Such a story! Lucy is such a beautiful girl, I pray you will be a blessing to her!