Monday, July 6, 2015

LOA!!! Praise the Lord!

We have LOA (Letter of Approval)/LSC (Letter Seeking Confirmation)!  This means we have China's approval to adopt....Praise the Lord!  I am so amazingly happy to have one timeline done....only to move on to the next one!

Now there is about 8 weeks of paperwork back-and-forth between the agency, USCIS, and China.  Once that is complete, we will be issued TA (Travel Approval), and our travel dates will be set based on our embassy appointment.  So looking like October travel for Handsome and the Helper.  Can't help but have a little squeeeeeal right here. :)

We should also be getting updated reports and pictures soon as well.  We know Brooke is well cared for, but I am anxious to see how my Jillian is doing.  We should, Lord willing, have her home for her 2nd birthday.  What a gift that will be!

So thankful for all He has done.  Trusting Him to provide the next round of fees and travel money.  To Him be the glory!

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