Saturday, April 18, 2015

T-shirt fundraiser

Just in case anyone was interested, we are doing a t-shirt fundraiser through Booster.  Orders will be taken through May 1st.  If there are enough orders, they will be printed - you will not be charged unless the minimum has been met.  Will be shipped approx 2 weeks later.  $20 plus $5 shipping - you can pick your own color. :)

Here is the link:

Thursday, April 16, 2015

And a time for tears....

I opened up my mailbox to see the LONG awaited USCIS logo on an envelope - I excitedly rip it open - only to find that one of us has to redo their fingerprints.  This is 3 weeks after our fingerprints were taken.  The retake is not scheduled until 4/27.  I was hoping that we would be DTC by the end of this month.

Sometimes, I just hit the point of overwhelming tears....this was the trigger today.  Everything seems to tidal wave at once.... 

I know God is Sovereign - there is a reason for this.  I will choose to thank Him.  But I may need to cry awhile as I do....

Please pray with me that the next fingerprints will work and that we will be quickly approved after the fingerprint retake....pray for His perfect plan.  Pray that the Lord blesses my girls as they wait.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The way that God does things...

So the whirlwind has continued - but not quite in the direction we thought!

Serenity came down with a bad cold last week.  As you may or may not know, they will not do anesthesia on a child who has had a cold in the two weeks before an, no surgery on Tuesday.  As always, it caused mixed emotions.  I am always glad to not have to have a surgery, but I know we are just kicking it down the road a bit.  So now we are looking at May 22nd.

Then, I got a phone call for the surgeries for Hope and Serenity. Okay, it will not be in May/June.  We are scheduled for the end of July - Hope on a Tuesday and Serenity on a Friday.  When they first suggested that we do the surgeries at the same time, I thought they were plumb crazy.  But then thinking about it, Handsome will have to miss work - if we combine the time, it will be less time overall that he will miss.  Handsome was up for it, so that is the plan.....ugh.

Still really struggling with preparing my heart for Hope's surgery.  I know it is a good thing.  I know it, but my heart will miss the little face I fell in love with almost 3 years ago now.  I worry for her little heart while this is going on.  Will we lose all the progress we have made?  Plenty to talk to my Savior about....

We had some wonderful pictures taken by a friend for the are a few for fun!

The Helper and Serenity
Family Photo
The girls
The boys
Mommy, The Prince, and Little Man

Would you please pray with me that we would receive USCIS approval soon?  The dossier is all ready for the next steps as soon as it more to the capital for authentication...then over-nighted to the group that will get the Chinese Consulate's authentication....then back to the agency who will send it on to soon as we get that approval. Sigh.

Until He comes....