Friday, January 9, 2015

Prayer Request

On Monday, Serenity is going to have a repeat swallow study.  When they put the trach in, they did a swallow study in the hospital and saw that a small amount of fluids were going in her lungs when she drank.  This is obviously not good!  As a result, we have to thicken all her liquids to a "nectar" consistency.  This wasn't totally new to us as Mimi has to have thickened liquids if she tries to drink something.  (Which she does not unless we make her.) 

It really isn't a big deal in the scheme of things, it is just a hassle.  Kinda that "one more thing" hassle.  Serenity drinks a lot .... and each time it has to be thickened.  We also have to be vigilant about not leaving cups around that she can drink out of - even more so now because she is always on the hunt for them.  She does not like the thickened liquids and I can't say that I blame her!

Anyway, on Monday they will do another swallow study.  Would you join us in praying that she has adjusted to the trach and no longer needs to have the thickener?  It would just make the day-to-day a little easier!

A fun picture for you - though not the best quality:

That happy face would be hope in a swing!  AMAZING, huh?  I have been praying for over a year to get an indoor swing.  I knew this would  be an amazing "therapy" tool for all the girls, but especially for Hope who has just never had any "sensory" integration. The problem?  To get all the pieces we would need the price tag was almost $400.  Gulp.  I asked the Lord to provide, if it was His plan, but just never felt free to spend the money on it.  We know that every dollar belongs to Him, so if we don't feel peace, we don't do it.  At Christmas time, we almost bought it anyway...we just felt it would be so important...but just couldn't bring ourselves to go against what we don't feel fully comfortable with - especially with praying for every dollar needed for the new adoption.  So, I just laid it at His feet. A week or so later, I was discussing it again with my mom as The Helper was listening and she piped in, "Hey, Mom, you know they sell swing hangers that wrap around tree branches for $25?"  WHAT?  Sure enough, she showed me in a catalog.  The design of our manufactured home has "exposed" beams between some of the rooms....and they just fit around the last one I tried.

Thank you, Lord, for always providing!  

Add an outdoor swing...and TA DAH!  We are still praying and searching for more of a hammock style swing that Grace can lay in....but I am thrilled for this right now.  Serenity LOVED it - of course!  Mimi wanted nothing to do with it.  And Little Man....

He squealed and laughed until he was worn out! Happy day!

Finally, Mama V ~  I just loved your comment about visiting the blog to see Brooke's beautiful little face.  It just gets you, huh?  What a gift God is giving us!  So these are for you!

  And here are a few of my precious Jillian.  I completely understand why they shave their heads in the orphanages...but how I wish they wouldn't!

Don't worry, little one...we will let that hair grow.  Your big sisters can't wait to play with it!

Please continue to pray for our Savior to move the mountains to get these little ones home.  We have our final visit with the social worker on Monday.  I am praying that she will be able to complete the home study very quickly after that...then on to USCIS approval.

To Him be the glory ~

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  1. Love love love!
    Thank you so much for the cute Brooke pictures :-)
    I can't wait to see Brooke and Jillian blossom in your lovely family!