Thursday, January 1, 2015

Little ones needing families....

As I pray over my Jillian and Brooke ~ we have our paperwork ready to send to their country to get "PA" (preapproval) on Monday ~ I cannot help but be burdened to pray for some other precious lives so in need of families:

Meet Mikayla and Milo.  This dynamic duo is so precious to my heart as they have Apert Syndrome like my little dynamo, Serenity.  They both live in the same foster home.  How amazing it would be to have them adopted together.  Yes, these kiddos need quite a bit of medical intervention; but their amazing personalities and beauty make it so worth it.  Something that always strikes Handsome and I when we are at the doctor's office or hospital is the abundance of amazing medical resources we have here in the U.S..  They can do amazing things - relieving pain and pressure, restructuring and reshaping - the list goes on and on.  God is faithful - He will provide all you need if you are a disciple of His.  Please at the very least - because in reality it is the most powerful thing you can do - lift these children up in prayer.  

Then there is Ekko and Elliot.  Another pair together in the same orphanage.  Both have been blessed with an extra chromosome.  Both would be amazing blessings to a family following Christ's leading.

And another precious pair with Down Syndrome.  Lucy and Caden.  Both in the same orphanage.  Both Lucy and Caden are listed on Reese's Rainbow.  To see Lucy's file (called Mary Lauren) on RR, click here.  To see Caden's file, click here.  Both have grants that will help with their adoption costs.

And finally, little Rudy.  He also has Down Syndrome.  My kiddos love this little guy.  We are praying he is found by a family soon - he is such a treasure.  His file is also on RR here.

If you want more information on any of these precious treasures, please leave me a comment with your email address.  I will not publish it.

Please, please pray for each one.

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  1. This is random, but I check your blog every day just to look at the picture of Brooke...
    We are praying for your family!