Friday, January 23, 2015

Fungus and prayer requests....

Yes, that about sums up life here right now...fungus and prayers.

We took Serenity in for her "pre-op" appointments on Wednesday. "Pre-op" seems a little too serious for the procedure we were to have today - she needs a sedated hearing test to be able to accurately determine where in her ears there is a hearing problem.  That way the right type of hearing aid can be used.  It is strongly suspected that it is her middle/inner ear, but they need to know for sure. 

The day on Wednesday started off with traffic worse than normal, so we were late. :(  The first appointment went fine, other than Little Man is getting pretty squirrely at 8 months old.  The poor guy has been to more doctors' appointments than any other child because he has to go to all the appointments until he decides to start eating Gerber foods and not be so cranky.  It isn't fair to leave him with others who cannot feed him or comfort him!  Anyway.... Then we moved on to a nurse visit because one little area on her incision is not healing well.  That was a little traumatic for Serenity.  Deep breath....and move on to the last visit.  It was one of those days we were counting the minutes until we could head home.  This was just the doctor peeking in her ears to make sure they were clear.  No problem, right?  Uh, yes.....a problem.  One of her ear tubes had plugged.  Not good.  Then the doctor asks - and only those of you with an active tornado like Serenity will understand the panic that washed over me - "Does she stick things in her ears?....Like cotton?"  Well, I can imagine Serenity sticking LOTS of things in her ears - as she sticks things everywhere else!  (Her favorite trick right now is to pop her "nose" off her trach and then plug the hole with her thumb to see how fast I will come running as I hear her struggling to breathe!)  I think my answer to the doctor was something like, "Uhhhhhhhhhh.....".   He pulled out the massive electronic scope to see better.  He ended up pulling out the plugged tube to find that there is a fungus growing in her ear.  Not that uncommon (we have done that before with Romeo), but it can be very hard to thoroughly get rid of the fungus.  We have 3 weeks worth of meds twice a day and then will go see the doc again in 4-5 weeks.  If it is clear, we will reschedule.....which is making the test probably around the end of March, beginning of April at this point.  Deep sigh.  After grumbling a bit in prayer, I just left it with trust in Him that there is a plan.  It makes for an easier morning this morning! 

Please pray for quick healing for her.  Pray for the schedule as it will begin to be put together for the spring - Serenity's next skull surgery, preparation for Hope's surgery on her face, more botox injections to ease Grace's CP.  So many good things - with so much pain attached.  I am so very thankful as always for the blessings of amazing doctors and hospitals....what grace we have been given.

I also have a prayer request for this beautiful little man:

This is Aaron.  He is currently in a large Asian country.  He has complex heart problems.  It has been determined that the surgery he needs cannot be done in his country.  However - Praise the Lord! - he was able to have a shunt placed just today that will help.  But he is in the ICU alone.  No mom to sing over him.  No dad to hold his hands.  By the rules, the Nanny in this picture cannot be with him. 

This is just killing my heart.  He is tinier than Little man by 12 lbs, yet he is 5 months older.  There are so many children I stop and pray for....but then some are just like a kick in the stomach and I just can't catch a full breath.

Please pray for comfort and peace for him.  Pray that the Lord is singing over him.  Most of all, please pray that a family steps forward in faith to make him their own. 

Until He comes....

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