Sunday, November 9, 2014

Quick update....

Just have time for a quick update.  Serenity's vault expansion (adding to the back of her skull) went very, very well.  The doctors seemed very pleased.  They said that she will need surgery to the front of her skull (not the face) in about six months. 

So now they are trying to work her slowly of her pain and sedation medications.  She is really having a tough time with this, plus lots of vomiting from having that area of her body operated on.  She is not really eating.  Worse still, she is not drinking.  She has to have thickened liquids due to the trach and she is NOT happy about it.  This morning she was simply refusing to drink. :(

Please pray for her comfort, for smooth easing off the medications, and that she will eat and drink.  All of this is critical to her moving closer to coming home.  Pray also for Handsome and I as we have 3 days of training this week - as long as Serenity is out of the ICU.  Please be praying these are not delayed.

Loving this sweet girl and wanting her home!

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