Friday, February 22, 2013

Travel dates - at last!

I admit it. 
 I was starting to crumble again. 
I just couldn't wait any longer. 
I crashed and burned in my trust - but God, in His gentle gracefulness, reminded me that He is faithful.  AND that He is working all along, even when I cannot see it. 
So as I was weeping in despair, He was quietly opening the doors for our Grace to come home!  He is faithful - even when I am not!
My oldest son, a very close family friend, and I are set to arrive in Taiwan March 24th.  We will then travel to the nursing home that my precious girl is in.  I was delighted that God arranged that we can stay at the nursing home for 3 days while Grace is learning who we are and we are learning the details of her care.  What a gift! 
Our boys in Guatemala were thrust into our arms with barely a sentence about their care.  In fact, the only things they said were to 1) Point toward the dirty rags in each boys' hand to tell us that these were their 'blankies".  (Good thing they did, because I was looking around for the closest garbage can!  What a mistake that would have been!) and 2) They pointed at The Professor (who was very healthy) and said, "Feed him bottle first, whatever left, give to him" - pointing at the obviously very sick and small Romeo.  Horrors!
With The Prince, we slowly worked our way into the transition over a few days.  It should have been much better, but The Prince was pretty opinionated and other than liking my long hair, was not interested in leaving his throne where he ruled the whole orphanage!  We had to keep reminding him that he was #8, not #1.  (A constant joke here)
So I am hoping that this will ease Grace into the changes, as she probably hasn't had any changes day in and day out for most of her five years.  I am praying that God will reassure her little heart that we are safe and good.
Please pray for my family as they prepare for Mama to be gone.  Pray for my mom as she runs the day-to-day while Handsome is at work.  (He can't take a lot of time off!)  Pray for The Warrior and I as he travels with me - what an adventure for a 13 year old boy (the size of a full grown man ;-) ).  Pray that I can get the medications I need for Grace until we can get her home and seen by the doctors here.  Pray I can get the medical supplies needed for her NG tube - I don't know if the ones I have are universal or not!  Pray most of all that Christ is glorified through our lives.
To Him be all the glory, honor, and power forever and ever!  Amen!