Saturday, December 7, 2013

Quick update!

Thank you for all the prayers!  After several extremely difficult days, Handsome and the crew are having a wonderful time overseas.  Ready to be home, but enjoying the relaxed days while they can.  I will update more soon but here is one of my favorite pictures so far.  The Testy Chef with Serenity and Hope.  The Testy Chef was adopted from US foster care almost 13 years ago - so very special to see her helping bring others home!

Only 6 more days until they are home.  Most people are counting down for Dec 25th...this year we are counting down until Dec 13th!  Then what a celebration we will have together of our Redeemer's birth!

Oh, and sweet Millie has a family!  What an amazing gift - praise the LORD!  Praying for this sweet family!


  1. I don't believe I've ever commented, but I had to take the time to say how Happy I am that those precious Daughters (love typing that!!) Daughters Daughters Daughters.... No More an Orphan and I am happy to know that they will soon be Home, Forever!! Congratulations. And, Thank You for sharing about Millie. Oh, how I have loved that Sweetie! Praise God for her family coming forward to bring HER home. Have a Blessed Christmas! ~ Jo

    1. Thank you, Jo! It still seems too incredible to be real! I was so, so relieved and overjoyed to see Millie finally has a family, too. She has waited so long. Indeed, He is so good!

  2. Amy, I'm catching up here and am so excited to see your girls almost home! Praying right now for their travel home and transition!

  3. That might be the first pic I have ever seen of precious Miss Hope without her hands up by her sweet face! And what a smile Miss Serenity has!!! So glad to hear they are both adjusting! Can't wait to read about their progress once they are home!!