Saturday, November 30, 2013

Day One!

Day 1: Handsome, The Warrior, and Testy Chef board the plane in a few hours to head to rescue our girls. Really hard to believe it is finally here! Please pray for comfort and rest for them. They have an 8 hour layover in Frankfurt - but have VIP passes for a airport lounge thanks to a generous friend.  They will arrive in the girls' country around 11 am our time Sunday morning. 

Please also pray that God will prepare the hearts of Serenity & Hope for us, just as He did with Grace. Grace knew she belonged to us in ways it is hard to comprehend still - she smiled and laughed repeatedly - something the orphanage had never seen her do. 

These are huge changes for these girls. Although we know that they are being rescued - they don't know there is anything different than the life they have had for 4 & 5 years. They don't know that they are coming to a home that they are dearly loved - they don't even know what a "home" is! They only know that they are being taken from everything familiar to them.  I am praying that in His miraculous way, God will whisper to them that we are safe and theirs!

Pray, my friends, pray!

P.S.  Grace's g-tube placement went fabulous.  She was extremely stressed to be in the hospital, but thankfully due to our experience with g-tubes and the compassion of the medical staff, we went home the next day.  She is still in pain from the surgery, but is so beautiful without her tube!

Grace snuggled with The Helper!

Also, here is the newest family picture, for those who are curious!

 In the back: The Helper, The Warrior (in orange), Testy Chef, and The Professor (green sweatshirt), Smiley in green/blue stripes, The Prince in camo, Snip in the pink striped coat, Handsome with Grace on his lap, Me with Mimi on my lap, Romeo in the blue/black sweatshirt up front, and finally The Boss with lime green stripes. 

How I have been blessed!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

It is really happening!!!!

So much to do - so much "story" to tell - but Grace's g-tube placement (second attempt) is tomorrow.  No time right now BUT have to say....

Handsome, Testy Chef, and The Warrior are leaving Saturday, Nov 30th - yes, in 9 days! - to redeem Serenity and Hope.  We just found out yesterday.

Could use so many prayers - for Grace, the trip, and my new girls.

Trusting Him!
 The Testy Chef

 The Warrior and Mimi

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Forever Ours!

They are ours forever!  Praise the Lord, they are ours!

Needing to wait and see when Handsome gets to go rescue them...

To Him be all glory, honor, and praise!

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Tonight (Monday morning in Serenity & Hope's country) is court!  PLEASE pray for our Savior's grace - that the judge will rule in our favor without requesting more information....that they will be OURS - orphans no more!!!

Until He comes...