Monday, September 16, 2013

Crazy days

We finally have a date to get Grace's g-tube placed.  We cannot wait to see this beautiful face (with her beautiful big sister)~

without the NG tube!  She looks like the perfect porcelain dolly.  I won't miss having to change the tube monthly and redo her "stickers" every time she has a bath.  Next week....almost there!

 It will be so wonderful to see that perfect little girl face!  Mimi has a g-tube and it has become my friend after several years of regarding it as an enemy. :)  I also can't wait to put homemade blends through the g-tube.  This isn't possible with the NG because it is so narrow.  Mimi eats better than all the rest of us because I can put everything together regardless of taste...bone broth, spinach, kale, fresh fruits, homegrown eggs, fish oil, garlic, cranberry concentrate, name it, I can throw it in.  It will be so good to get good nutrition into Grace's little body that has just had powdery yuck for all her life.

AND tomorrow morning, I will take both Grace and Mimi to therapy and we will pick up Grace's new wheelchair!  HOORAY!!!!  I will post pictures - along with added bling - THANK YOU, JESSICA - as soon as I can.

This is in addition to the roofers coming, lots of company, peeling/chopping/freezing apples for our favorite "crock pot applesauce", trying to finish laundry from camping, and oh, yeah, the first full week of home school.  No problem, right?

Actually, God's grace continues to amaze me as He carries me through each day.  I never get everything on my list done.  I always have a list of "to dos" that would need to be written on a double roll of toilet paper. :)  I go to bed exhausted each night...but oh, each night as I close my eyes, a smile creeps across my face as I thank God for another day.  Even on the hardest days, I would not trade it for anything else.  

His Word is true - the joy of the Lord is my strength. 

 No, it does not make me supermom.  There are days that some of you would walk into my house an cringe.  (I know my mom does!!!)  Others of you would feel right at home!  There is almost always laundry in the living room.  (|For inquiring minds who want to know, we have to get at least six loads of laundry done five to six days a week to keep up.  Mimi and Grace need frequent clothes changes and lots of clean blankies.)  In fact, I would dare say that if there is not laundry in my living room then 1) we are camping, 2) the washing machine is broken, or 3) a birthday party is about to start and I have stacked it all on my bed until company goes home!  There are always dishes in my doesn't matter what system we try.  We really need to get 4 loads through the dishwasher every day (Thank you, Lord, for the dishwasher) but the most we make it is 3 unless I do a load right after Grace's feeding at 10:15 p.m.  Being a morning person, that doesn't happen often enough!  In addition to our daily we-do-live-here-messes, there are usually boxes of medical supplies or diapers that I haven't quite found a good storage place for.  Then, of course, there are piles of books everywhere.  We are a family that LOVES books...but not enough to put them back on the bookshelf. ;-)

But every day is worth it - even amongst the mess!  Plus, I will always have something to aim for!

I need to keep moving tonight.  It is time to start the bedtime routine.  But, I would appreciate your prayers for Grace's surgery.  Please pray for protection for her and skill for the doctors.  Peace and strength for Handsome and I as we figure out how to take care of everyone's needs with Grace in the hospital.   Please pray we get the last necessary signature to move to court for Serenity and Hope's (Firecracker and Sweet Pea) adoption.

As you are praying, please keep these little ones in your prayers...
 A treasure named Brandi

Daisey - dearly loved by Handsome!

My beautiful Darlene

Sweetest Millie

Little Kaylee - Smiley's favorite!

And Benny (Todd) - The Helper's Favorite!

I would also ask for prayers for "Christian".  I have not been given permission to post his sweet face, but he is a little boy who grabbed my heart while at Serenity's orphanage....but that is a story for another time....

Until He comes...


  1. Can you tell us what Christian's special need is?

    1. Christian has limb differences and he is blind, as well as mental delays and what seems to be extreme acid reflux. I have been combing the internet trying to determine from what I know if he has a specific diagnosis or not. So far, the closest I have found is Roberts Syndrome - but if that is it, he has an extremely mild case of it. So very, very hard to know. I would have to guess his age around 10, but he is the size of a 4-5 year old. A post will be coming eventually on him, but we are still praying God shows us what He has in store for us. :) I would so appreciate prayers for him.