Friday, September 27, 2013

Avoiding laundry post

I am staring at piles of laundry.  It has been that kind of week.  So I look at it and think, "Hmmm, I bet I need to update my blog."  Yeah, it has been that kind of week.

I took sweet Grace in Tuesday morning for her g-tube placement.  Just before I left, one of the dogs bit my dad.  :(  This was a dog we got off of Craig's List, (yes, we learned our lesson), that turned out to be very abused.  We were hoping we could "rehab" her.  But, that was the last chance used up.  So as I am racing around the house trying to get out the door, Handsome is having to take her to the Humane a daughter is screaming, "They are going to kill my dog!"  Yep, that kind of week.

Fortunately, they are going to work at rehabbing her, much to my daughter's relief.  We can't get her back, but she is alive.  But we are all missing her very much.  That kind of week...

After the long process of check-in, paperwork, etc.  I kissed sweet Grace and she headed off to surgery.  I took a deep breath and went to wait in the waiting room.  I was really dreading the hospital stay, but so happy to get her tube and stickers off her face.  I settled down with my book and coffee.  Soon, much too soon, the doctor came out to find me.  That always makes my heart drop into my stomach.  He said that they were not able to place the g-tube using the planned method.  We needed to reschedule for the next Monday.  What????  I absolutely appreciate their concern and am glad they waited - but I was sick at the thought of have to redo it all again in a few days!

When I went back to the recovery area, poor Grace was coughing and crying.  Break. my. heart.  I snuggled her close and she stopped crying but the coughing continued.  We all assumed that it was from the tube down her throat.  After the typical paper chase, we were on our way back home.  I am always exhausted after doctor's appointments and beyond exhausted from being at the hospital....but this was I-can-barely-keep my-eyes open-while-driving exhaustion.  When we got home, I snuggled her as much as I could for the rest of the night, ready for a good sleep! 

BUT, (you knew it was coming), just at bedtime, there was a horrible car accident just beyond our gate.  Tons of flashing lights, sirens, radios, yelling.  There are some in our household that just don't deal with these situations well.  One because of special needs and others because of personality.  So, we might as well have hit the "panic button."  After people finally quieted down in the house, the noise just continued outside...finally the power went out at 2 a.m., so a power pole could be replaced.  How do kids know the power goes out even while they are sound asleep?   Grace started coughing right about that was the end of sleep and the beginning of worry for Grace....

By 8 a.m., (still without power) I knew Grace needed to be seen, so off to the doctor we went.  Waiting, x-rays, more waiting.  Diagnosis?  An infection starting probably from the very few minutes under anesthesia.  We had to cancel the new surgery date and drive wearily home.  The power was back on, thank goodness!  But little Grace just needed held between doses of meds and nebulizer treatments.  And the laundry pile kept growing...

So tired, ready for bed.  In fact, I fell asleep in the chair with Grace before Handsome got home. After I pulled myself out of the chair and got everyone to bed and closed my eyes...just to be woken up a few minutes later by a child with nightmares who never truly slept that night - so neither did I.  Yep, that kind of week...

Thursday starts.  Grace doing much better.  I got the dishes and kitchen caught up and started on the laundry.  Homeschool - check.  Well almost.  The three oldest do school with DVDs.  1 charger missing, 1 charger gets broken...that leaves 1 charger for 3 players that are all dead..fighting, galore!  How old are we, my teen-aged treasures?  Deep breath, sip of coffee, ready for the next round of cleaning when all the boys coming tumbling through the door together with that strange combination of thrill and horror on their faces.  I always know I am in trouble when I see that look.  "Mom!  You should see how many layers of skin are dangling off The Professor's knee!!!"  Ummm, great.  I am a seasoned mom of boys and some rough and tumble girls.  I saw a lot in the years with Mimi.  I have done a lot of triage at home.  I can handle this.  Right? 

I was fine until I tried to decide which globs of dangly skin with fatty cells attached I should try to trim and which I should try to lift up enough to clean the gravel out.  At that point, the week caught up with me and I decided it was an urgent care trip.  Deep breath...hop in the car...reinforcements on the way for those at home.  Hurry up and.....wait.  And wait.  And wait.  Realize that my cell is dead, so no way to check at home.  Frustrated at 45 minutes, still in the waiting room - because you know it takes twice as long once they finally get you checked into a room, so not good if we aren't even behind the magic door.  At 75 minutes, I am clenching my jaw and mentally walking through the cleaning process at home - could I do it myself?  At 90 minutes, I decide I am giving them 10 more minutes.  At 9.5 minutes, they call us back.  Only to find out they thought we were someone else.  Oh, happy day.  At this point, I say we are just going home.  The nurse said, "Oh, no!  You are next!  You really need that cleaned out the right way!"  Deep breath. forced smile, back out to the waiting room....the waiting room.  Where you wait...and wait...and wait.  An hour later, picturing Handsome trying to do the bedtime routine by himself, I stand up and tell the receptionist that we are leaving.  To which she replied, "But you are next. I can ask them how long."  What is the saying? "Fool me once..."  As I walk out the door, I burst into tears.  Is this where health care is headed?  That I can't even get help in a reasonable amount of time with blood soaking through a bandage?  I figured it would take 1 1/2 to 2 hours to get through the assembly line...but 2 1/2 hours and we haven't cleared the waiting room?  I cried all the way home picturing cleaning the knee out myself.  Thankfully, God knew I was done and my mom was waiting to help.  She carefully cleaned and cleaned the knee a The Professor didn't hardly flinch.  Many, many prayers...praying it does not get infected and heals well.

I was so thankful for a good sleep!  I have been able to stay at home other than a trip for more first aid supplies.  Adding to the pile of laundry to be folded, but I am so weary. 

So, so weary.  I want my family together under one roof.  I want Serenity and Hope home.  I want families for the 4 that are burning holes through my heart and filling my prayers.  I want that last signature from the country.  I want to be on the other side of Grace's surgery.  I want God's people to faithfully preach the true Gospel.  i want His people to rise up and faithfully care for the fatherless as we have been called to do.  I want people to see these precious children as valuable as themselves and to do unto them what they would want done for themselves, if they were trapped in an earthly hell.  I want people to glorify our Savior because of how we live our lives.

Oh, and I also want my laundry to fold itself.

To Him be all glory, honor, and praise.

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