Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Quick update

I have been terrible about updates lately.  I am sorry!  Life has just been busier than normal as I try to finish up everything (ha, ha okay, not everything, but as much of everything as I can!) before we start school again.

We also had to add to the "You know you are adopting when..." list by having to replace the roof AND the furnace on the house.  At least I will be able to go into fall and winter knowing we will be warm and protected.  I am also still trying to get the worst of the siding painted.  God helped by sending the furnace man "Jack" - who threw in painting our garage as a bonus to the furnace contract.  Yep, my guardian angel's name is "Jack" - a tall cowboy-type with a big heart.  He disguises himself as a furnace guy, but I know better. ;-)

Grace had her first Botox injections this morning for her stiff fingers, wrists, elbows, and peck muscles.  I was pretty nervous taking her in.  Everything we have done with Mimi medically is always complicated and the "worst" case scenarios.  I wasn't sure how to handle in by 8 am and out by 10am!  We should be seeing results in a few days.  I am so excited to see if it changes her world a bit.  With her hands relaxed, I want to get some sensory exploration going - see if we can widen her world a bit. :)  God is so good.

A good belly laugh with Daddy. 

Loving the swing with our therapist

Look at me lift up my chin!  Mama was SO happy!

Another good belly laugh.  What a treasure!
Her first time in the pool!  She was a little nervous at first but then LOVED it!

Happy, happy, happy.

We are still waiting for signatures and court dates for Serenity and Hope.  My heart breaks just a little more each day as I know they are still waiting for freedom.  I miss them so badly it hurts.  Praying for God to move things according to His perfect plan.

Still wrestling with emotions over the little ones left behind.  What would God have us do?  Are we to go back?  Is He closing the doors?  How much do we push?  How much do we just be "still"?

Here are a few reminders of precious treasures who need homes....please pray for them to be redeemed.

 Precious Darlene

A treasure named Joshua

Sweet Tina

Sweet Brandi

And my little Millie

UNTIL HE COMES....To Him be all glory and honor!

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