Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Getting ready!

I am feeling a little panicked this morning. 

Tomorrow we leave for our annual trip to my favorite place - Wenatchee, WA.  I know that those of you who live in Wenatchee may be groaning, but I only spend about 10 days there a year (if we go back in the fall) - so I get all the fun and none of the baking heat. :) 

I love being there among the contrasts.  The barren dry hills and the lush valleys full of fruit trees fed by irrigation from the river.  What a picture of my soul before and after Christ's redemption poured in.  The fruit of that valley is sweet - it makes my mouth water for the cherries in the early summer and the luscious apples in the fall.  Ohhh, Wenatchee, here I come.

So, why the panic?

Well, my mom always said when I was little, it took a week to get ready for camping and a week to clean up from camping.  That was with four kids and my super-mother doing the work.  So now, multiply the kids by almost 3 and take out the super-mother part - oh, and then add that I LEAVE THE VERY NEXT MORNING FOR A SPECIAL EASTERN EUROPEAN COUNTRY and then the panic starts to hit!

Yes, it is finally time!  I FINALLY get to hold my precious girls and touch their beautiful faces.  I finally get to feel them in my arms rather than just gazing at a picture and wondering....I feel like a long-dreamed dream is finally coming true.

BUT, I have to have my household in order for my mom and Handsome while I am gone.  It should tell you how much we love Wenatchee that there has been no discussion on Handsome or my mom's part of staying home!  (Yes, my parents and most of my family go too - that is what makes it so fun!)

So, if you are reading this, could you pray for us?  Pray for a safe trip - one of refreshment and joy for us all.  I am praising God for allowing me to do both - He knows my soul, He knows what I need and He gives good gifts - perfect gifts!  Please pray I can get it all done today - with joy and thanksgiving - pouring out grace on my children - not nagging harshness as I feel the panic and they don't.

Please pray for my trip to meet my sweet girls.  How am I ever going to leave them behind?  Pray that God, in His grace, prepares their hearts for me as He did with Grace.  Pray that they will let me hold and snuggle them.  Pray that I can see their needs - both in body and in heart - and be able to come home and prepare a nest of safety in our home.  Pray for my safety and an opportunity to share the Gospel.  Pray especially for my mom and Handsome at home - they will have Grace this time too.    MY list of things I felt were critical - like her g-tube being placed and her wheelchair being here - obviously were not on God's list of critical!  He knows best - so I am trusting - but it will make my being gone a little harder.

As I said before, He knows exactly what my soul needs and He placed a book in my hands this week - Kisses from Katie -  oh, my goodness!  I cried and prayed through the whole book!  I would read a page or two and have to put it down to talk with my sweet Savior.  If you haven't read it yet - it is SO worth it.  It is not another one of those surface level, feel-good stories.  It is Truth lived out in every page.

Thank you to everyone who reads this blog and prays for us.  God has done amazing things.  As we have let go of our small, selfish dreams, He has replaced them with things we never would have dared to dream.  As we jumped off the cliff (again) in 2012 to start Grace's adoption....and then jumped again for The Firecracker and Sweet Pea, I expected Him to catch us as we fell.  Instead, He gave us wings to fly!

To Him be all glory, honor, and power!  Until He comes....

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