Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Baby Blues

As I watch my wonderful husband snuggle our newest Grace from Taiwan, my heart aches for all those who don't know a Daddy's love and his strong arms around them.
First, my heart goes to my daughters waiting in Eastern Europe.  Oh, Serenity and Hope, how Mama longs to hold you.  To at least try to start to soothe all the wounds your little hearts have suffered over the years.....

But then, my heart drifts to four others...four that need families desperately...four that have been passed over again.

Little Darlene - whom we call "Dori" here.  What a dolly.  This is the worst picture of her.  I have seen videos, she is so tiny and so precious.

Precious I have loved her from the first time I saw her picture last summer.  Where is your family, little one?

Sweet Millie....soon will be 9 years old.  Oh, baby, you need a Daddy to swing you up in the air and a Mama to dress you in pretty dresses.  Millie has a $6500 grant toward her adoption.
And Sammy - little boy, there is a Daddy here that would love to scoop you up.  We are praying for a family for you.  How you would thrive!  UPDATE:  It appears that Sammy has a family!  Praise the LORD!
Please join me in praying for these ones...
Please also keep Yu-Chi Grace in your prayers.  We are starting her doctors' appointments.  How hard they are on her!  It hurts her to move.  It hurts to be prodded.  Oh, she is so scared.  Please pray for relief for her from her pain.  We see the GI doc tomorrow - hoping to get the g-tube placed quickly as we have already made one ER trip to have the NG replaced.  Not fun.
Sweet Jesus, act on the behalf of these little ones.....


  1. Ohh, if we could do two I would add Kristina in a heartbeat. As it is, I hope she has a family by the time our adoption is complete.

  2. I know, she is such a dolly. I think that her diagnosis scares people - but it is amazing what "family" can do. Our Yu-Chi was in much better condition than we were expecting....but you have to be prepared for the worst and be delighted in the best. :)

    1. Your little Serenity is so adorable. I can't wait to see her sad little face all lit up with a smile!