Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Monumental Day

Yesterday was a monumental day for me! 
I am afraid some of the joy has diminished with the news from Boston.  I am praying for each of those families.  I am also praying for those in that area, whether they were there or not.  How great the fear must be!  As a mama, it would be very hard to let my children leave the house again - I would have to learn to trust Him on a whole new level to get beyond such terror.  Come, Lord Jesus, come...
I am afraid that most people will not understand why yesterday was so huge...but I know a few of you will... 
Yesterday I had the first appointment for my new Grace at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital.  We had gone to a few other appointments close to our home, but this was the first at Mary Bridge.  I am afraid that "Mary Bridge" is said at our home with a bit of fear and trembling. 
When Mimi was 2 months old (we had only been home from the NICU for about a month), she was throwing up all her food.  She is g-tube fed and I assumed I was doing something wrong.  We were sent to Mary Bridge for a test.  My kids were terrified to let me out of the house, but I assured them that it was just a little test and I would be home about 2 hours later.
That was not to be.  It was determined that Mercy had pyloric stenosis - the thickening of the muscle at the end of the stomach.  Hers was so severe that no food was getting past it - it just came back up.  This is an immediate admission to the hospital.  I didn't even get to come home to say good bye to the kids.  I sat in the lobby waiting for our room and cried my eyes out!  I could not believe God would allow this to happen.  My kids were in a panic - along with poor Handsome and my mom.  But the staff assured me we would be home in 2-3 days.
Well, we did go home after 3 days.  We were so relieved, The Helper's birthday was the next day, we were ready to celebrate.  BUT, within an hour of being home, I knew something was wrong.  Mimi was in such horrible pain.  Within 6 hours of leaving Mary Bridge, we were racing in the back of an ambulance from the local hospital back to Mary Bridge.  They couldn't get an IV in her, she was as white as death.  I was in so much terror, I was going numb.
Thus began our next 30 days in the hospital.  She had a horrible infection - they didn't know what it was.  They tried all night to get any kind of line in her.  I finally called Handsome and told him to come.  When he got there, the doctor told us their only option was to cut her neck open and tried to access a vein that way. HORRORS!  We were told to "prepare" and come see her one last time before the surgery.  Not the words you ever want to hear from a doctor - or see the sorrow in his eyes as he speaks to you.  Handsome said we would be right there, but wanted to stop and pray.
We weren't 4 minutes behind the doctor, but when we reached the door of the NICU, we were told that we couldn't go in and that the social worker was coming to speak to us.  As a parent, you just know.  They don't send the social worker unless it is grim.  We sobbed in the waiting room and called our parents.  I thought, "I can't be planning my baby's funeral!"  What grief - indescribable.
After about 20 minutes, a jovial older doctor bounced out and said, "You can go see your baby."  There was another couple in the waiting room.  Handsome looked at them and said, "You must mean them, our baby is dying."  The doctor said, "No, it's your baby."  We were sure he was wrong, but followed him back.  Our little Mimi was so tiny, even in that NICU bed.  She had bruises everywhere from all the attempts to run a line.  She was so swollen and white.
Finally, the story came out.  The jovial doctor had been called to do the surgery with the neck.  He was sitting next to a colleague and told him what he had to go do.  The colleague, who was NOT in pediatrics, asked if he could come try first.  He jammed an IO in her leg (a medical procedure developed in combat where a spike is jammed into the bone and some fluids can be absorbed that way) and then was able to run a PIC line.  Everyone was in disbelief.  We never met this doctor.  His name?  Doctor Lord. 

No kidding.
However, this was not the end of our horrific journey....but little Grace needs her breakfast, then Mimi.  I will be singing praises over her this morning.  Such memories....stay tuned.
To Him be all glory, honor, and praise!


  1. Every time I read this post I cry. How is Grace doing? She always looks so sweet in the pictures :-)

  2. Mama V - Grace is doing so awesome. We are in awe at how God has smoothed this path for us. I will try to post more soon - lots of DRs appointments right now...Thank you so much for loving her.