Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Change their world...and yours!

First, our agency, Agape Adoptions, only has the file for this precious little girl from B* for a couple more weeks.  Please pray for a family to redeem her!
This is Kami.  She is 6 years old and is in good health.  She is diagnosed with moderate mental delays and is on some medications.  Contact for more information.
What a dolly!
I also want to share the incredible ministry of Compassion International.  Through Compassion, you can sponsor a child for $38 a month.  Your sponsorship gives the child food, clothing, and other supplies necessary for life.   The children are able to go to school as well as having additional training/activties at the Compassion center. 
The best part about Compassion?  They are committed to sharing the good news of the Gospel with each family and child.
Now when you search for a child to sponsor, you can select "child has special needs" as part of your criteria.  I am so excited about this!  My husband and I consider sponsorship as a preemptive strike against a child becoming an orphan by helping them stay in their family. 
Pray for Kami.
Visit Compassion's website.
Fall in love with a child.  Change their world and yours!


  1. I just saw that in Compassion's latest magazine. It made me very excited!

  2. MamaV....go look at the pictures and read the will be hooked. ;-) Compassion had always had the "special needs" button, but there wasn't any listings until recently. I am so thankful for them. :)