Thursday, March 21, 2013

Baby, here I come!

I fly out Friday night (well, actually 2 am Saturday morning) to go redeem my girl!  I can't believe after all this time - over a year!- it is finally time!
Please pray for my family as I am gone - especially for my mom and Handsome as they hold down the fort.  Pray also for my youngest as they will not understand that Mama is gone.
Pray for little Yu-Chi Grace - that she will know she is loved and safe.  Pray for her little heart with so many changes.
Most of all, praise the Lord with me for His goodness!
He is mighty to save!


  1. By now you are on your way to your beautiful princess and I have been praying today and yesterday for safety, for smooth travels, and for a positive transition period. Thank you for what you are doing for Grace and for other children who people only see as broken. God has truly done wonderful work in your life.

  2. Sarah, as her prayer warrior, I am sure there will also be set for you at Yu-Chi's banquet table in Heaven. What a gift you are to her. Thank you!

  3. Hmm...jet lag. Sarah, that was always be a seat for you at Yu-Chi's table.... :)