Friday, June 29, 2012


Little, precious Tommy has been one of my heart's beat these last weeks.  He needs a family to move to redeem him NOW.  He is out of time.  He was uniquely and wonderfully made by our precious Father....he needs a family to lay down their lives for him as Christ has laid down His life for us.

As believers, we always say that prayer is THE MOST IMPORTANT tool and blessing that we have.  With prayer, and through Christ's blood, we approach the throne of Heaven.  We approach the God of Providence.  We approach the one who made Tommy and loves him more than any of us could ever imagine.  He knows the plans He has for Tommy.

We know from His Word that He is able to do more than we could ever ask or imagine: 
     Eph 3:20-21  "Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine,   according to His power that is at work within us, O to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen."

He also tells us  in His Word that we need to ask - and trust Him to answer in His perfect plan, according to His perfect will.

So, I am asking for people to commit to pray Tommy home.  To choose a day specifically that they will raise Tommy up to our precious Father and ask for:

1) God's protective Hand to be resting on Tommy.
2) That God would call a family to go save him, quickly.
3) That God would speed the paperwork along and protect it.
4) That God would abundantly provide for the finances and support necessary.
5) That God would be glorified in all!

I know that there are some of us that Tommy is so burned  on our hearts, that he is continually being raised to the Father.  But there are also others that God has laid another child (or more!) on your hearts as I am just asking for a day of prayer for him.

Please sign up in the comments below by stating the date you are make it easier, please go in order. (I.e. If the last comment says, "July 1st", please take July 2nd.)  I am hoping to get the next three weeks filled to start with.

To find out more about Tommy, please go to

To God be the glory!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Coming together to help save a life....

Here is a precious little girl - created by our precious Savior to need help from a family.  I often think that He allows these children who need such care, in part, to be a visual reminder to us of how much we need Him.

This little girl stretches out her hands to reach for help, contact, and love....In our unredeemed state, we shrink back and pull away.  We don't want the gentle, healing touch of our Savior - we don't want to have to trust His Hands to heal and save us.  We want to stay in our weakness and filth.....If He can save those who reject Him - who curse and despise Him - how much more can we reach to help these little ones who desperate want love and care....

Karina ( has Crouzon syndrome, as well as other special needs.  Here in the US - even at Seattle Childrens' Hospital - there are doctors skilled with knowing the help Karina needs.  Left in a Eastern European orphanage, she will die.

Some special ladies have put together a matching grant - $1500! - if they can raise $2300 by Sept. 1st.  I would always have you pray before giving - we are not the owner of our finances, we are stewards of what God has given us - and He has given us everything with a purpose in mind.  If however, God lays on your heart to give, even $5...that money will go a long way to helping a precious child find a home.

Please raise her up in your prayers - it is so easy for us to glance and not get our hearts involved...but please wrap your hearts around this little one and pray for her family to come.

Here is another blog with more information  Please note: I have only read this posting, not the rest of the blog, so please understand I am only endorsing this post.

All donations are made through a wonderful organization called Reese's Rainbow and are tax deductible....

To our Savior be all the glory!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

A little about us.....

Because people have asked for our blog who have never met us before, I thought it would be good to share a bit of our story....We will see how far I get before kiddos are up this morning. :)

Handsome and I met when I was just 17 and he was 21 at a church group for post grads.  He mistakenly thought I had just graduated from college....not high school.  We were married about 2 1/2 years later...and the adventure began!

We had talked in general about adoption and agreed it should be somewhere in our future...after we were "done" having kids.  How God must smile at our plans....He knows so much better and plans even greater things than we could ever dream up.....even in our wildest dreams.  But He also knows that the redemption road requires hardship and pruning and pain to tear our eyes off ourselves and place them on the glorious Redeemer.

After trying for several years to get pregnant, we were told my endometriosis was bad enough that it would be very difficult to have children.  I was heartbroken!  Even as wonderful people tried to tell me that God had a better plan, I could not imagine how keeping me from being a mother could be turned into good.  I was angry and extremely bitter.  I just saw a life of emptiness stretching before me.....Infertility is a very lonely road to walk. 

I immediately began looking into our options for adoption.  International adoption seemed to be so far our of our financial reach, we didn't even consider it.  Plus, I wanted a BABY....not an older child.  I came across information on foster adoption and read a newspaper article.  I was instantly convinced this was what we were supposed to do!  As I have learned to recognize God's leading in our lives, I can look back and see it was one of those moments that God burned His leading on my heart.  Handsome (and our families) was not so convinced.  We even had someone very close to us offer us $10,000 toward a "normal" adoption, if we would just not pursue foster care.  Looking back, I can completely understand all their fears and concerns - but I was so convinced at the time, it didn't matter - now I know God was calling!

But what began was not a quick trip to adoption, but God starting to teach me to wait on His timing and to trust Him to lead Handsome's heart when it was time.  I am ashamed to look back at my tears and "temper tantrums" trying to convince Handsome that this was what we were supposed to be doing. I wasn't seeking Him and asking Him to use the situation to make us more like Him.  I just cried and stormed and argued and begged both God and Handsome....very much like a small child who is mad at her parents.   Ladies, if you are reading this and have a reluctant husband, please listen!  What you need to do is PRAY - God will change your husband's heart, not you!  Your sneaky (but really not so sneaky) nagging, arguments, or attempts at emotional manipulation will only drive him farther away, it will not change his heart.  Please trust me on this one!  You need to trust God - He knows your husband even better than you do....

I had first seen the information in January of 1997 and there was a new training class in February - I was ready to start, already calculating how quickly we could get a baby home.  But Handsome said, "No."  I couldn't believe it!  I was so convinced it was what we should do, how could he say, "No"?  I spent a lot of months in misery, praying for a miracle pregnancy - but not a change of heart for Handsome, or faith to wait and trust.  I was so miserable!  I wish I could say that I allowed God to use this to teach me submission to Him, trust in His perfect plan, and trust in His timing....but I just kept searching and pushing at closed doors, like someone trapped in darkness.  I did not praise Him for whatever He had planned - I just continued to beg and cry.

In July of 1997, I got a phone call from the foster adopt program saying that they were starting another round of training - were we interested?  I told the woman "no".  Handsome seemed just as convinced as ever to just "wait and see".  I just happened to mention it to him later that day - almost as a second thought.  He shocked me by saying he wanted to talk about it during our trip to the beach....

Friday, June 22, 2012

Seeing What God Sees....

Do you see this precious treasure?  Do you see her beautiful face?  Do you see how uniquely God designed her?  Do you see a reflection of the beautiful Creator that we adore?  Do you see a priceless little life?  We know exactly what God sees - He said
For I created her inmost being;      I knit her together in her mother’s womb.  

We praise Him because she is fearfully and wonderfully made;
    His works are wonderful,  
    We know that full well.
 Her frame was not hidden from Him
    when she was made in the secret place,
when she was woven together in the depths of the earth.  
His eyes saw her unformed body;
all the days ordained for her were written in His book
before one of them came to be.
How precious to us are His thoughts of her,  
    How vast is the sum of them!
Were we to count them,
they would outnumber the grains of sand
when she is awake, she is still with Him. (Psalm 139:13-17)

We race through our life working and praying for blessings - yet here is one without compare.  We seek for beauty and joy in our lives - here God has wrapped them both all in one little package.  We want our lives to "count" for something - what better example than our Savior who said by His actions, "My life for yours!"?
Pray for Serenity - what a beautiful, beautiful child.  Pray God brings her a Daddy to hold her tight and whisper to her that she is his most beautiful treasure.  Pray for a Mama that kisses her beautiful face and sings God's love songs to her.  Pray for brothers to fiercely protect her and sisters to play dollies with.  Pray that she is redeemed here on earth - and treasured as surely as she is in Heaven.
I praise You, Father, for You are mighty to save!  Please save this one!
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Great God, please save this one!

Please pray.  Please pray now!  Please lift your voices to heaven, ask our mighty God to save on behalf of Tommy.  He needs a family NOW.  God has placed His Hand upon him in amazing ways - but now he needs a family to say, "Send us!  We will go!"

He will turn 16 early next year - making him unadoptable by U.S. immigration law.  Pray for the ones that God is calling - pray that they will hear and have boldness to step into unimaginable darkness to save this one!  Great God, save him, to your glory!

"My life for yours, just as my Savior gave His life for mine."


Thursday, June 14, 2012

She is OURS!!!! Glory to our Redeemer!

How I have waited and prayed for those words.....She is OURS!  I can finally get a glimpse of the rejoicing there must have been in Heaven when Christ said, "It is finished!"  Oh, Heavenly Father, we praise you for the gift of your Son....We praise you for the gift of our daughter.  Christ's example in walking the redemption road is what gives us the courage and desire to walk a different redemption road for another.

Just as Heaven must have started their praise with Christ's final words on the cross, but then had to wait in breathless anticipation for that glorious Resurrection morning - we have begin our rejoicing and our eager anticipation for that day that we will hold our precious little one in our arms.  What rejoicing there will be on that day.

Even as our eyes are heavenward and our praises are flowing, we have begun the final paperwork for the dossier.  I must admit that this is not a favorite task of mine.  I must keep my heart and eyes focused on Christ.  However, He has had some blessings in store for me already ~  the right person answering my questions, people willing to do a little extra on their end, making my job so much easier.  Oh, thank you, precious Father for Your grace and love.

We are praying and hoping that Grace will be home before Christmas....but even as I say that, I need to quickly say that I am learning more fully each day of my life that I must trust in His timing.  This first step has taken so much longer than I ever thought it would.  But I know that every detail is in His Hand.  I pray for things to go swiftly, ask for His protection on Grace and the process - but then I always come back to "if this is Your perfect Will."  I am praying that I learn to love His Will and His plan above my own at all times - a difficult task for one who so needs His grace to be patient and trusting.

I need to share two amazing families' posts - what a blessing they have been.  My tears wash my vision of the things that so easily creep in to block what really matters - selfishness, self-focus, even just plain disinterest.  Lord, keep my heart tender and hurting for Your little ones.  Use my voice, my hands, my life to do Your precious work - but as always, may I always want Your glory above all.  Do not let even the passion of saving these children come close to my passion for You.

The House family has posted a video with a truly beautiful song for these precious, be broken, be reminded, give praise to our Great God who does not forget these children for even a moment.

The Musser family has walked the redemption road in a place of true darkness.  They have, to God's glory, stepped where none had dared.  But because of their faithfulness, a path is being built and traveled to this place and the light of Christ's love is beginning to challenge the darkness.  Please read her amazing presentation of Redemption.

Until He comes, may we serve with all our life!  "My life for yours, because He gave His life for mine!"

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Needing my baby today....

We received some very short videos of I need my baby - how she needs us!  Her muscles are starting to contract.  I talked with my daughter's therapist and she had fairly good news on the contractures - but only if she is worked with soon.  Even if they approved us today, we still have to prepare the dossier and then wait another 4-6 months.  Oh, Father in heaven, give me Your peace as I wait...Keep Your redemption whispers roaring in my heart.  Hang on, little Grace, your mama is trying to get there!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Another Redemption Story

I just finished reading an amazing but heart wrenching book The Boy From Baby House 10 by Alan Philips.  The horrors of his young life are so hard to wrap my head around.  Several times I just had to lay the book down to pray and choke back tears.  These babies need us to redeem them so badly.  The little boy's story made me think of Beacan..

He is in an Eastern European orphanage that is full of horrors as well.  This little boy only weighs 23 lbs.  This sounds sad, but not horrific until you realize that he is ELEVEN years old!  He does have some special needs, but not ones that would cause this!  You can read his brief medical report at .  Please pray for his redemption... he needs the love and care of a family that can show him Christ's love for him.  Little Gabby, whom I blogged about last time has a family to redeem her!  Praise to our God!!!  Please pray the same for little Beacan. 

Raising these little ones in prayer until Christ comes....