Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Unclaimed treasures....

There are  now four unclaimed treasures from the land of B* that I want to share with you.  Three precious little faces - three little souls worth any price.  Please pray for these little ones...pray for their family to see them and race to rescue them!

Little Kristina
I am not going to stop shouting for her until her family finds her.  This precious little one needs tender care so badly.  Please contact Myriam@AgapeAdoptions.org for more information or leave me a comment with you email address (I will not publish it) and I will send you what I can.
Little Zoey
Little Zoey was just listed.  She is 6 years old and weighs less than 10lbs.  She is suffering from SEVERE malnutrition.  Click here to find out more.
Tiny Nellie is blind, but has no other health issues.  Her file has been sent back but could be requested again.  Contact Shelley Bedford <shele337@gmail.com> for more information.
After I wrote this original post, a friend told me that little Sadie's file has been returned to B* as well.  Precious little Sadie is incredibly smart and sweet ~  she has OI.  This condition effects her body, not her little mind.  She needs a family to love her and help her to thrive!  For more information on this precious little one contact Shelley Bedford <shele337@gmail.com>
Please lift these little ones in prayer - their Father is strong and will defend them!
To Him be the glory!

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