Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Few More Treasures

Here are a couple more precious ones to add to your prayer lists.  Please pray for these two - they are older which immediately puts them at a huge disadvantage.  They are precious and loved by our Savior - treasured by Him. 

  1. A family to step forward to redeem them.
  2. For that family's needs to be met -financial, emotional, physical - as they pursue the adoption.  The adoption road is long, tiring, and lonely.  It is always worth it in the end, but getting there can be an extreme test of faith.
  3. Pray for their health.  An orphanage is not a home - it is not warm, welcoming, or necessarily clean.  There is not nourishing food, adequate sleep, and good clothing.  All of these things makes it challenging for their little bodies, even in the "best" of circumstances.
  4. Pray for their hearts.  Pray there would be someone who loves them and treasures them, even if it is only a little time (or pray for a lot of time!).  Pray that they would know their Savior is with them in an extraordinary way - nothing is impossible for God!
  5. Pray for their caretakers - that they would be loving and gentle, patient and compassionate. Pray specifically that Christians in their country would be moved to start staffing or volunteering at the orphanages.
  6. Pray for the spread of the true Gospel of Christ.  Mankind can always abuse, neglect, hurt faster than we humans could ever save - but lives transformed by Christ will care for the least of these, not cast them aside..

Precious Emma is 8 years old.  She has been in an orphanage since shortly after birth.  She has been diagnosed with epilepsy and is currently on medication for it.  She is delayed developmentally. Emma is described as  a " very charming and emotional child, and likes to perform for an audience."  But she is also described as quickly shifting emotions and at times rebellious.  She is described as able to bond.  Her birth mother had syphilis.
Handsome Valentin is also 8 years old.  He was with his birth parents until he was five years old, and then was placed in a family type home. He is sad to have "normal" emotions, but they are not strongly felt and he has difficulty expressing them.  He appears to be completely healthly and developmentally on target, but is said to have behavioral issues.  He is in dance class and performs on stage for others.  His birth parents are reported to have personality disorders, epilepsy, and possible developmental delays.
There is more information available for both children by contacting Myriam@AgapeAdoptions.org.  Agape Adoptions is waiting on photos and more information on three more children.  A seven year old boy, a five year old boy, and a three year old girl with DS.  I will post this information as soon as it is passed to me.  I am not a part of Agape Adoptions - either paid or volunteer - but I have asked if I could advocate for the children that they receive files for.
Here are the general requirements to adopt from this country:
  1. Applicants must be at least age 25 - The age of the parent may determine the age of the child matched, as the parents need to be at least 15 years older than the child they want to adopt. The applicants cannot have had their parental rights terminated for any of their children.
  2. Heterosexual married couples – there is no specific requirement to the length of the marriage or whether or not there has been any divorces; instead the emphasis is on the state of the current marriage and history of the relationship.
  3. Heterosexual single applicants (both men and women) can adopt only one child – no sibling groups.
  4. Applicants with a criminal history of child abuse, violence or domestic violence are not eligible to adopt.
  5. No serious chronic transmissible venereal diseases, HIV+, tuberculosis (TB) or other life threatening illnesses
  6. Minimum annual income of $30,000. Family needs to meet the income requirements provided by the USCIS in order for the adopted child to immigration
Here are the travel requirements:  Two trips are required for B*. The first trip is for the adoption process in the country and is about 5-7 days. This trip is intended for the adoptive family to meet the child and both parents must travel. The second trip is for the US processing, and the visa process which takes about 7 days. Only one parent is required to travel for this second trip. There is about 2 months between trips, with the first occurring 2-6 months after receiving a child referral.
Please pray for these children - even if you are not called to save them, please pray for their forever families to find them!
Our God is mighty to save!


  1. I am a first-time reader to your blog, sent through No Greater Joy Mom. I am a young woman who hopes to adopt special needs children someday, but for now I pray and advocate for those who have the means to do so now.

    I have prayed for your Grace ("Roxanna") since I first saw her picture on Reece's Rainbow. I prayed that someone would come along and see her smile and love her. She is so beautiful.

    It is so wonderful that my prayer has been answered! Thank you for working to bring her home. I will continue to pray that your adoption goes smoothly and that she is home quickly!

    Bless you and your family.

  2. Dear Sarah -

    What a blessing to hear from you! It is so precious to us that someone has been praying for her - I cannot tell you what it means to us. We just received updated pictures today - it is supposed to make the waiting easier - but that is not the case! :) We are still waiting for the ruling from the judge - once that happens, we should travel within 2-6 weeks. I would so love your prayers for this to happen quickly, if it is His perfect Will, OR that He gives us the patience and strength to wait. Oh, the waiting is hard!

    Thank you for praying and advocating - that is so important - it is not a "little" job you do before you can do the "big" job of adopting. It is critical to all the precious little ones and to the families racing to save them!

    In Christ's precious love - A

  3. I have many children from Reece's Rainbow who I pray for. I know their families are out there! I am always happy to know that they are coming home.

    I will pray for your family to have the strength and patience to endure whatever waiting time, but I will also pray that your traveling time comes soon. I am so happy that Grace is coming home!

  4. Sarah, I cannot tell you how that delights my heart! Thank you for being a prayer warrior for these precious babes!

    To Christ be all glory, honor, and praise!