Sunday, October 28, 2012

New Prayer Babies.....Join me?

 Right after I wrote the last post...being so weary...yet by the end, reminded why I do what I do - I read Julia's post.  She is shouting for the kids posted on Reese's Rainbow that are older - kiddos that often get overlooked for many reasons.  She challenged her readers to pick one (or more) children and look at their pictures and read about them.  Then to lift prayers to heaven on their behalf.

I have been studying and focusing on prayer again.  What a mystery!  God is sovereign - His Hand has already designed all of our days....and yet He tells us to come to Him in prayer.  As His child, to ask Him for the things we need and for the things that bring Him glory.  This is irreconcilable by human thought - everything is already designed, and yet our prayer can bring about amazing things.  This is not a simple thing - anyone who tells you it is is wrong.  Here is a fabulous sermon by Paul Washer if you want to be challenged!  Click here.

Another fabulous source for prayer is The Valley of Vision  a collection of Puritan prayers.  My husband and I have been so challenged by this book.  It is like finding a whole new book of the Psalms.  Here is just one of a book full of amazing and life-changing quotes, “Nothing exceeds thy power, nothing is too great for thee to do, nothing too good for thee to give. I ask great things of a great God.” ~The Valley of Vision

So I am challenged and encouraged all over again - I can pray at any time - I can be caring for widows and orphans no matter what else God has put on my plate.  Here are my new babes (in addition to those already on the side of my blog):

Sealey - This precious little man just turned 8. He needs a family so desperately….he has severe CP, and is diagnosed with congenital brain malformation; anencephalea (no cerebral cortex). He is not able to walk and needs full care. It will be so wonderful to see him blossom in a loving family. He is facing the institution very soon.
Russ - 7 years old
Russ’s profile says “goloproentsephaliy” which is unclear, other than there’s some condition with his brain. It’s unclear if it’s a physical or mental condition.  The heartbreaker for Russ is that he is facing imminent transfer to adult mental institution.  I cannot describe the hell on earth that most of these places are.
This precious boy, Collier, just turned 13.  He has Down Syndrome and significant delays - but he is precious in God's sight.  Is this your son?
Breanna - What a face! She is 7 years old and has Down Syndrome.  All her file says is "Nature sociable, friendly, affectionate, easy to contact" - but there is a heart, a soul, a little person that cannot be captured by her photo.
What a happy face.  Her only description is "Down Syndrome with a calm nature".  She is eight years old.  What a smile - is she yours?
How about you?  Who are your prayer babes?  Find one, even one, to pray for until they get a home!  Choose one from the sidebar of this blog or go find your own at Reese's Rainbow.  Your heart will not be the same.  Bookmark their page on your computer - check it regularly - when it says "My Family Found Me" at the bottom, you know your prayers have been answered!.
There are some additional little ones, I would ask you to pray for with me.  It will be a little harder to know when their family finds them, because they no longer have files listed with Reese's Rainbow.  But I trust God will find a way to show me when they have families...These five are in a terrible orphanage.  If you would like more information on them, please email Andrea Roberts at
Finally, I have to shout out for my little Kristina.  She reminds me so much of a little breakable dolly.  She needs a family so badly.  She is another one of my heart babies - God has pressed her continually in my thoughts and prayers.  For more information, please contact
If I hear of any of these precious children finding families, I will post immediately!  If you are reading this blog and know that any of these children have families working to redeem them, please leave me a comment and let me know - what a joy that would be!
To Christ be all glory, honor, and praise!  Until He comes...... 

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