Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Let the praying begin!

Another 8 weeks are almost gone...that means that another batch of B*lgarian babies' files have to go back if families don't step forward for them.  Not only is this heartbreaking for these children, it also sends the message to their country that the leaders are right...that none of these children are worth anything....that they are nothing.  Worse than nothing, they just take up space.
Now is the opportunity for all of you who love these orphans but are not called to adopt - you CAN do something critically important....
Choose a child - choose them all, if you wish!  Print out their picture and stick it in your Bible, your wallet, or on your refrigerator....Pray for that little one EVERY time you see their little picture.
Pray that a family races to save them....pray for their health and their little hearts....pray for good care in their orphanage...pray that the gospel will be preached in their country - that many would be saved and start to care for the least of these....
All of these little ones are a precious child....a LIFE.  Please pray like their lives depend on it...because they do.
Until He comes...

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