Thursday, September 6, 2012

Do Not Grow Weary....

I am weary today....I keep wanting to write something new on my blog...something that moves hearts to adopt....but I just get overwhelmed by the needs of each child. I then also have to remember that it is God moving hearts to adopt, not just the right combinations of words.   I always hope for something more creative than, "Please rescue this child!"  But sometimes it just comes down to the plain truth....and prayer....lots of prayer.  Most of these childrens' files go back the end of this month...there have been a few inquiries, but no families.  Please pray with me for:
Ivelin 2 years old
From his file:" It is about a child in a satisfactory general condition,  - which is lagging behind in all indicators of age. Delivers continuous combinations of sounds. Continuous plays with toys. Sit upright independently. The child has poor physical and psychomotor development. Monitoring of urinary tract infection and vesicoureteral reflux should be conducted contrast control study in June 2012"
He most likely has kidney reflux - my daughter has this.  It is a relatively simple surgery, but until it happens he is at a huge risk for kidney infections from his UTIs.  In general, his SN are very minor.
Gergana - 4 years old
From her file "The child was diagnosed: Spastic cerebral palsy. Kvadripiramiden  syndrome. Converging  strabismus. Profound mental retardation"
I can't help but believe that all of these children have been ignored beyond basic care - they will thrive in a family.
Dianka 4 years old -CP, microcephaly, strabismus.  Can stand, walks holding onto caregivers hands, makes combinations of sounds, considered very delayed.
Harry - 2 1/2 years old. 
Has some kidney issues and some delays typical of being in an orphanage.  More detailed medicals available on this handsome little man!
Ivan 4 years old
Has numerous issues including infections - profound delays.  Please pray for a family to save this precious little one!
Kristina - 3 years old
This little dolly is a favorite of mine!  She has Rubenstein Teybi Syndrome which causes differences in the facial features and some cognitive delays.  She also has had heart surgery for some heart defects.  She is lagging behind in all areas - but I have to believe that a great deal of it is due to lack of care and stimulation.  LOTS of pictures and a BRIEF video as well as detailed medical history available.
Todor 4 years old
From his file "It is about a child who is in poor general condition, emotional contact can not be done. Given the child's illness seriously lagging behind in psycho – motor development. Extrapyramidal neurological symptoms persisting and severe delays in cognitive and motor development. It takes special care in keeping and regular medical supervision and daily rehabilitation. The child has erratic hand movements. Pronouncing unconscious cries and sounds. The child is lying, periodically the position of the body changes with aids."  Lord, I pray for a very special family to save this unique and precious little man!

There is more information and pictures for all of these children.  Contact
Please also remember little Penny in your prayers, her file has already been sent back....pray that God still leads her family to her.  For Penny, contact Shelley Bedford <>.
Would you please stop during your busy day and remember these lives? Remember where they are....real children...not just fictional stories...real little souls with no love, no tenderness, no mama or daddy to hold them.  Pray for them they way you would if your own child was alone and hurting.
"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." 
Galatians 6:9 

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