Monday, August 13, 2012

Precious little ones needing homes!

These precious little ones are on my heart today!  They are in the country of B*....please pray for them!  Pray for mamas and daddies to come racing for them - that God would touch their hearts and they would be given the faith, courage, and love to give their lives for the care of these little ones that God has made...
Adorable Harry!
 Handsome Little Ivelin

Precious little "G"

Little Man Todor 

 Sweet Ivan

Beautiful Tina - UPDATE 12/1/2012: Tina has been listed on RR.  Please click here to find out more information.

Cute Darla - UPDATE 12/01/2012.  Little Darla has been listed on RR.  Click here to find more information.

Please email  She would love to share their files and pictures with you!  Gathering information is part of the process!  She has more pictures of all of these treasures in addition to their medical files.  She also has some very brief videos of some of the kiddos.


Until He Christ be all the glory.

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