Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nothing earth-shattering....but important to us!

We are going this morning for our fingerprints!  Hooray!  No, we probably won't even do the "happy dance" in the office - but we will be smiling.  I have to laugh when I think how BIG this step was in adopting the twins from Guatemala - we were in a time CRUNCH to get the approval...our agency had submitted our dossier counting on the fact that the approval would be there in time!  I can still hear the panic in her voice when she would call and ask, "Did it come yet?"  Hmm....hopefully as lesson was learned by someone!  But our Great God had it all in control and our beautiful boys have been home for almost 8 years - WOW.

With the Prince from Ethiopia, we were waiting for the orphanage to actually open - we were the second family to go through AGCI!  But I was still excited to get this out of the way so the paperwork would be ready!  We were still waiting to see "who" God had for our family....that was over 5 years ago now - where does the time go?

(This is an older picture, 2010, with the Prince, Romeo, the Professor, and Snip)

This time, well, as I am typing I am getting more excited, but we have just been so busy that there hasn't been time to anticipate....In fact, yesterday I looked at the calendar and thought, "Oh, that's tomorrow!"  Good thing I already had my mom set up to come! :)

With Grace, we don't have to have this approval until we travel...which is still months away.  So although it will still be good to have one less thing on my list of responsibility, she still seems so far away.  Unlike the other international adoptions, we haven't really gotten any updates or pictures - so other than the photo we have and the half a dozen precious "Grace" dolls my big Helper girl has sewn for me, we are left with just full hearts and lots of prayers....

(These are my older girls...the Testy Chef, the Helper, and Snip)

Please keep praying for my girl - that God's Hand would rest upon her and that He would sing over her in His love.  Now, off to wake my precious husband up with a promise of coffee on the way!

To Christ be the glory!

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