Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Great is Thy Faithfulness, O God!

I can finally say it! 

TOMMY has a family! 

God is so awesome - He is the Redeemer!

For those of you that don't know a bit of his story, Susanna fell in love with him when she was adopting her daughter, Katie, from an absolutely horrific orphanage in Eastern Europe.  She looked at the financial qualifications to be approved from the US immigration services and saw that they didn't qualify to adopt him in 2012.  Because he was so tiny, she assumed (knowing the lack of even basic care where he was at) that he was much older than he looked, but thought maybe 10 or 11 years old at most.  She began to pray that God would work miracles so that they could go adopt him in 2013. 

However, when she made inquiries about his file, she found out he is FIFTEEN years old.  By USCIS law, he HAS to be adopted by his 16th birthday or he cannot be adopted to the US.  After much heartache, Susanna began shouting from the rooftops to find a family that could race to save him!  There were only a few families that expressed interest, but there was always one roadblock or another in the way - including our family.  Finally, a family stepped forward to request his official file - but when he file arrived, his picture was horrific beyond description!  When I saw the photo I sobbed gut-wrenching, turn my heart inside out sobs - it was so horrifying - I just can't come up with another word.  I cried so hard that my chest hurt for days afterward.  How could this be done to a little child?

I had to finally say, "Blessed be the name of the LORD" regardless of whether He chose to save Tommy here in this life or not.  I had to remind myself, along with Job, of God's power, compassion, faithfulness, and perfection...I had to trust Tommy to Him.

As it turns out, the photo was probably a very old one.  Tommy has been doing much better since being assigned a "Baba" - a "grandma" that comes and plays and cares for him during the week.  God had a plan though...

Susanna made a phone call to USCIS that she was sure would prove fruitless, to see if an exception could be made.  God had an amazing gift in store for her!  USCIS adds all of a family's assets to the equation, too!  Not just the actual income!  With that, they more than qualify to adopt him.   I am just in shock! 

I remember praying at the beginning that somehow Tommy could be her son, but then I thought, "This is silly, you can't change USCIS rules!"  I tried to remember God can do all things...but I must admit, it was half-hearted at best.  How I am humbled and shamed for doubting my Savior!

This will still be an expensive adoption - they all are!  If you are able to donate even a little to their fund, please pray about what God would have you do!  But please pray for them regardless.  This adoption still has to proceed very quickly and many doors need to be thrown open. Pray for God to work through each and every detail - and that His name would be glorified in every situation. 

Here is Susanna's blog -

Here is sweet Tommy -

God is SO good - He is mighty to save!  Every child is precious in His sight.

Please praise the Lord with me tonight!

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  1. I just read about this on Susanna's blog! I have been in the woodwork, praying hard, and I am SO excited about what God has done!
    Praise the Lord!