Saturday, August 18, 2012

Be still my heart.....

Update: Ivan has been chosen!  PRAISE THE LORD!
Oh, little Ivan, you have stolen my heart!  I will pray you home!

God must have a very special family for this very special little guy.  He is 3 years old in an Eastern European orphanage.  He was born with Apert Syndrome, which causes the skull to fuse together too soon and his hands and feet to be fused together.  Both of these issues are surgically correctable in our country!
There is a precious video of him playing with cars on this website:

Please pray for him as if he was your own son trapped in an orphanage far away.  Pray for a family to see him and fall in love! 

There is also a substantial amount in his fund...but a family will need much more to save him.  Can you give up your cup of coffee this week to donate $5 toward his account?
The more money available, the easier it is for a family to commit.

Precious Savior, I know you love Ivan more than we could ever imagine....please send a family to redeem him here on earth as You have redeemed Your children.

Until He comes....praying!

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