Wednesday, July 4, 2012


See this precious face -

This is Tommy.  What a treasure.  Do you see his beautiful eyes?  If you click HERE you can see a brief but priceless video of his smile.  He has cerebral palsy.  Tommy is dearly loved by a family who met him when they were adopting their daughter.  They assumed by his size that they had time to go back and save him.  They knew they didn't qualify to adopt again this year, but were making plans to go get him as soon as they could.  The woman who loves him knew he is malnourished and severely neglected because her adopted daughter was in the very same orphanage....she looked at his size and guessed he was nine?  Maybe ten?  She thought she had time to save him....

But Tommy is 15 years old - yes, 15!  He is the size of a three year old.  By U.S. immigration law, a child cannot be adopted after they turn 16 - even in special needs cases!  Tommy turns 16 early next year.  HE IS OUT OF TIME.  I have learned that sometimes this is said about children because their file goes "back" into the system - but I have found out that even though it is MUCH more difficult, they can still be adopted.  This is not the case with Tommy.  HE IS OUT OF TIME.  He needs a family to begin racing to save him NOW.

Please pray for that family and for Tommy.  Pray that God moves the hearts of a family to give their life for his.  Pray they can move quickly.  Pray that God provides the amount needed to ransom him.  PRAY.....PRAY....PRAY.

If you think you may be that family, please contact Shelley Bedford directly at

From his official file:
Male child at 15 years of age, with the following diagnoses: Infantile Cerebral Palsy – Hypotonic form; Severe lagging behind in the physical and neuro-psychical development; Severe protein-caloric malnutrition – unspecified; Ectopic [undescended] testicle – condition after surgery for correction.

It needs to be perfectly clear and understood:
No agency has Tommy’s file yet. Here’s what needs to happen in order for an agency to obtain it and here’s what the process will look like:
His file can only be requested from his government at this point if there is a specific family “seriously” interested in him and “considering to adopt him” – according to the authorities’ official wording. They will need to file a notarized (apostille is not necessary at this point) application with their personal data and some other specific information. On the basis of this application the authorities will decide whether to assign the agency with his file or not. As soon as the agency receives the file, they will obtain additional information (written, photos, videos) and will provide it to the family. Then the family will officially and finally decide whether to commit to him or not. From that point on, the adoption process would follow the usual procedure.

Please print off a picture of Tommy...please commit to pray him home.  One of the greatest lights we can shine in these countries is to adopt in Jesus' Name.  This countries have no value for these little lives - they are trash and worthless - they cannot even comprehend why someone would come from the other side of the world to adopt a "worthless" creature.  To tell them we are saving them because Christ saved us is one of the most direct paths to the Gospel there is....

To Christ be the glory!

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