Monday, July 23, 2012

Time for an update.....

Wow, we have been crazy busy here.  I think it is time for a Grace update!

After all the paper chasing and notaries, our dossier is almost ready to be sent to Taiwan.  Praise the Lord!


Um...there is another $6,000 payment due with the dossier.  How did it escape me that this was needed now?  Maybe because we just made another payment a few days ago after a lot of hassle?  Maybe because I was so busy putting together paperwork, I wasn't looking at the payment chart?

Now it is time for some serious prayer!

Fortunately, I know that whatever the Lord asks us to do, He also provides the way....that doesn't mean it will just miraculously appear - although He could do that - so I will pray that He provides it in His time and His way....

A little hard to wait for His provision, knowing that it is what is needed to finally get this show on the road - but I say that I trust Him for all things....I guess this would be included in "all things".

Please pray with me for this money and I will update when He provides.

Please keep praying for all the sweet babies that need families.  It is so much easier to look away then to carry the burden around with you.....but it is part of the cost of a heart being broken with what breaks the Lord's heart.

To Christ be the glory!

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