Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Some days you just have to cry...

This is one of those days..

Little Amelia is from "the very bad place" - an orphanage horrific beyond description.  She is 12 years old - AND WEIGHS 12 POUNDS.

God called and a family raced to get her....they are in the country now.  Her mom is an RN - but she cannot get Amelia stabilized enough to travel.  Just this morning, they took her to a hospital in country - NOT GOOD.

Today is one of those days I just want to lay my head down and sob.  I want to cry for this family and their precious little girl.  I want to cry for all those babies still lying abandoned and neglected in their cribs...such a Hamilton who is 5 years old....

As the body of Christ, are we doing all we are supposed to?  Or will we someday realize that our ministry lay in a crib overseas?  These are truly the least of these, yet people can dismiss a CHILD with concerns over how to care for their "own" family in the future....

Do you not know what your Bible says?  Do you not know that GOD is the one who provides for you?  It even says that He is the one that gives you your very breath to be able to work and provide for your family?  How arrogant we are to assume that WE are the ones that do this?

How foolish for us to present our concerns - finances, abilities, time - to our Holy Father as a reason to disobey His command to care for the widows and orphans?  For those of us with children, would it fly if they said to us, "I am sorry, I know you asked me to do this, but I have very good reasons to disobey.  You obviously don't know what you are asking."?  We would ream them with verses on obedience - yet, we do the same thing with our Father's commands.

I cannot believe how many people say, "I am not called."  Okay, I am willing to grant that not everyone is called to adopt - but EVERYONE is called to care for the widows and orphans.  How are you doing that?  Where is your sacrifice?  We are called to pick up our cross and follow Christ - yet we keep trying to make that cross lighter by casting off those things that seem too hard.

What if someone said, "I am not called to a monogamous marriage?"  Aren't we doing the same thing?

Also, for those that would throw out a vague reference to Proverbs about not "presuming" on God to provide;  I would challenge you first to actually find those exact references in the Bible - write them down on one side of a sheet of paper....then look up all the references to God calling us to GIVE to and PROTECT the cause of the orphan....also write down how many times in the Bible God tells us that HE is the provider.  I think you will find a very short (or non-existent) list on one side and a very long list on the other....

With all love and humility - I have been there.  As a young wife, I resented - truly resented- the money that would go to our Compassion sponsored kids.  All I could see was how I could use that money for my family - Oh, foolishness and arrogance!  Selfishness beyond description....It was truly Christ alone that has opened by eyes to see a tiny bit of His Heart.

Okay, so you don't feel the call to adopt?  How much time do you spend in prayer for these little ones?  Honestly....We say that we don't have the money - prayer is free.  It can be done at any time - yet, I find I can be more stingy with my prayers than with my money!  It is probably because, as I pray, my heart becomes involved.  On days like today, it means my heart is breaking and I don't want to start my day.  As one friend told me, "Once you know, you can't NOT know..."  I go camping and I think of the little ones in the cribs...I go shopping and think of those without food...I tuck my children in at night and think of those that are not touched with love - EVER.

It is hard to have your heart in two worlds...but I think that is very close to what the Bible describes as living as pilgrims in this world.  We are not supposed to be caught up in the baubles and trinkets of this world - things that will break, rot, rust, become dust, or burn in the flames.  We are supposed to be storing our treasures in heaven where they are protected for eternity.  YET we use those very baubles and trinkets - security, finances, time for self, worry - as an excuse not to store up those eternal treasures...we are exchanging the truth of God for a lie....and wrap it all up in a pretty package of "calling".

Caring for orphans is not our only concern - we are to preach the Gospel and pray for/support those who do; we are to set the captives free; we are to speak out against injustice (true, Biblical injustice, not our imagined "rights" being stepped on); we are to care for the widow; we are to make our godly leaders jobs a joy and not a burden; we are to show Christ to all in the way we live (which should be markedly different from the world!) many of these things are true of your life?  I have a LONG way to go.  On days like these, I can understand how the heroes of the faith could spend HOURS in prayer every day.  There are so many to pray for - so many needs - so many persecuted - so many who need Christ's love.

I have hesitated for a long time to write a post like this....I truly feel like I am looking around the plank in my own eye.  HOWEVER, it took others laying the Truth out there in boldness, for the blinders from my eyes to finally fall.

Pray that God breaks your heart with what breaks His...then be prepared to have your heart broken.  For His heart is continually broken - not only over the sin in the world - but for His children who walk in their own understanding, instead of trusting Him to lead them.  Every Christian's life does look different in the details...but the "bones" always look the same.  We are called to live a life of SACRIFICE, not self-indulgence.

I think this anonymous quote sums it up best, " Sometimes I ask God why He allows so much suffering and pain in this world when He could do something about it; but most of the time, I don't ask because I am afraid He will ask me the same thing..."

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