Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My heart hurts...

I am spending much time praying right now, "Your will, and not mine."  I have seen God do amazing things this last week.  So many precious waiting children being found by families!  I know each and every one is because God has touched hearts.  "Every good and perfect gift" is from our precious Father as the book of James tells us.  Each child is saved by God moving families to step forward in faith.

But Tommy, sweet Tommy, still waits....I have learned that sometimes people say that a child is "running out of time" - but there are still opportunities for that child to be adopted.  It may be much harder, but they can still be adopted.  That is not the case with Tommy.....he is truly running out of time.  When his 16th birthday comes early next year, if specific paperwork has not been filed, he is out of time - yes, even by U.S. immigration law.

What a precious face....he smiles and laughs when interacted with.  He has a heart and a soul, but he is a captive in a dark place, a prisoner of wickedness.  He may remain a prisoner because of indifference.  He lives in a culture that cannot see the Hand of God in his little life, because they long ago denied that very God. 

There are families that would race to adopt Tommy, but God has, for His perfect purposes, tied their hands one way or another.....I cannot know why at this point in time....so I come back to, "Your perfect will, not mine."  I am praying it is because God has marked out another family for Tommy - one that He is calling even now. 

I am whispering to Him for strength and faith and trust, even if He chooses not to save.  How it hurts my heart to even think that....I am praying that he will be saved just like Beacan and Gabby and so many others whom God brings families at seemingly the "last" moment.

Please continue to raise Tommy before our Father - trusting His perfect plan - but asking for His mighty Hand to save....

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