Thursday, June 14, 2012

She is OURS!!!! Glory to our Redeemer!

How I have waited and prayed for those words.....She is OURS!  I can finally get a glimpse of the rejoicing there must have been in Heaven when Christ said, "It is finished!"  Oh, Heavenly Father, we praise you for the gift of your Son....We praise you for the gift of our daughter.  Christ's example in walking the redemption road is what gives us the courage and desire to walk a different redemption road for another.

Just as Heaven must have started their praise with Christ's final words on the cross, but then had to wait in breathless anticipation for that glorious Resurrection morning - we have begin our rejoicing and our eager anticipation for that day that we will hold our precious little one in our arms.  What rejoicing there will be on that day.

Even as our eyes are heavenward and our praises are flowing, we have begun the final paperwork for the dossier.  I must admit that this is not a favorite task of mine.  I must keep my heart and eyes focused on Christ.  However, He has had some blessings in store for me already ~  the right person answering my questions, people willing to do a little extra on their end, making my job so much easier.  Oh, thank you, precious Father for Your grace and love.

We are praying and hoping that Grace will be home before Christmas....but even as I say that, I need to quickly say that I am learning more fully each day of my life that I must trust in His timing.  This first step has taken so much longer than I ever thought it would.  But I know that every detail is in His Hand.  I pray for things to go swiftly, ask for His protection on Grace and the process - but then I always come back to "if this is Your perfect Will."  I am praying that I learn to love His Will and His plan above my own at all times - a difficult task for one who so needs His grace to be patient and trusting.

I need to share two amazing families' posts - what a blessing they have been.  My tears wash my vision of the things that so easily creep in to block what really matters - selfishness, self-focus, even just plain disinterest.  Lord, keep my heart tender and hurting for Your little ones.  Use my voice, my hands, my life to do Your precious work - but as always, may I always want Your glory above all.  Do not let even the passion of saving these children come close to my passion for You.

The House family has posted a video with a truly beautiful song for these precious, be broken, be reminded, give praise to our Great God who does not forget these children for even a moment.

The Musser family has walked the redemption road in a place of true darkness.  They have, to God's glory, stepped where none had dared.  But because of their faithfulness, a path is being built and traveled to this place and the light of Christ's love is beginning to challenge the darkness.  Please read her amazing presentation of Redemption.

Until He comes, may we serve with all our life!  "My life for yours, because He gave His life for mine!"

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