Thursday, June 28, 2012

Coming together to help save a life....

Here is a precious little girl - created by our precious Savior to need help from a family.  I often think that He allows these children who need such care, in part, to be a visual reminder to us of how much we need Him.

This little girl stretches out her hands to reach for help, contact, and love....In our unredeemed state, we shrink back and pull away.  We don't want the gentle, healing touch of our Savior - we don't want to have to trust His Hands to heal and save us.  We want to stay in our weakness and filth.....If He can save those who reject Him - who curse and despise Him - how much more can we reach to help these little ones who desperate want love and care....

Karina ( has Crouzon syndrome, as well as other special needs.  Here in the US - even at Seattle Childrens' Hospital - there are doctors skilled with knowing the help Karina needs.  Left in a Eastern European orphanage, she will die.

Some special ladies have put together a matching grant - $1500! - if they can raise $2300 by Sept. 1st.  I would always have you pray before giving - we are not the owner of our finances, we are stewards of what God has given us - and He has given us everything with a purpose in mind.  If however, God lays on your heart to give, even $5...that money will go a long way to helping a precious child find a home.

Please raise her up in your prayers - it is so easy for us to glance and not get our hearts involved...but please wrap your hearts around this little one and pray for her family to come.

Here is another blog with more information  Please note: I have only read this posting, not the rest of the blog, so please understand I am only endorsing this post.

All donations are made through a wonderful organization called Reese's Rainbow and are tax deductible....

To our Savior be all the glory!

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