Sunday, June 3, 2012

Another Redemption Story

I just finished reading an amazing but heart wrenching book The Boy From Baby House 10 by Alan Philips.  The horrors of his young life are so hard to wrap my head around.  Several times I just had to lay the book down to pray and choke back tears.  These babies need us to redeem them so badly.  The little boy's story made me think of Beacan..

He is in an Eastern European orphanage that is full of horrors as well.  This little boy only weighs 23 lbs.  This sounds sad, but not horrific until you realize that he is ELEVEN years old!  He does have some special needs, but not ones that would cause this!  You can read his brief medical report at .  Please pray for his redemption... he needs the love and care of a family that can show him Christ's love for him.  Little Gabby, whom I blogged about last time has a family to redeem her!  Praise to our God!!!  Please pray the same for little Beacan. 

Raising these little ones in prayer until Christ comes....

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