Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We have been redeemedChrist sought us while we were strangers....in fact, enemies of His and He has redeemed all who trust in Him.  The cost was indescribable - yet we always try to put it in a neat little box.  One of the many things is cost him - the thing that brings about our salvation - was bearing the full extent of the wrath of His Father for EVERY sin that we have committed.  EVERY sin....we like to qualify them as big sins, little sins, respectable sins, not-really a sin, justified sin - but EVERY single sin would have sent us to hell for eternity.

Do we really grasp that?  Even ONE sin was enough for us to spend eternity in hell.  People want to rage against God, saying "That is not FAIR."  How can ONE sin be worth eternal punishment?  The answer lies in the fact that we don't even begin to grasp God's holiness.  His infinite holiness.  We live in world that always has some slight imperfection - even in the most beautiful things - so we don't truly understand perfection.  If we could but grasp a tiny dose of God's holiness, we would be undone!  Because we sinful humans cannot grasp this holiness, we can cry with our sin-stained lips, "Unfair, unfair!"  It is very much like the criminal claiming his sentence is too heavy, when those on the outside can see it is much too lenient. 

Brother Paul Washer has said it like this - the last thing you will hear (if you are unredeemed) before you step foot into hell is all of creation, the angels, and those who are redeemed applauding that God has finally rid the world of you.  Again, this is because they will have seen God's perfect holiness in contrast with our perfect sinfulness.

Have you thrown yourself on the grace of the Savior?  Have you realized that you can do nothing....NOTHING.....NOTHING that will save yourself?  If you had to rely on God for 99.9999% of your salvation and 0.0001% you for your salvation, you will be condemned to hell.  We have to rely on Him completely and utterly for it all.

His redemption is whispering, will you answer?

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