Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Each time I have sat down to begin writing about the other redemption whisper in our life, I ended up writing about Christ's redemption of us....which is very appropriate considering that He first redeemed us and now we want to redeem others.  Part of me cringes a bit with the comparison - because He redeemed us with His precious, perfect blood from the righteous, justified wrath of God.   We are redeeming children from the wickedness of this world without Christ's love and compassion - and the value He puts on each life.  We are redeeming them from a system that holds them prisoner.  The comparisons in some ways are very obvious - but as important as it is to save these little ones that cannot speak for themselves, I never want to belittle in anyway what Christ has done for me....

With that being said, we heard His redemption whisper about this time last year - asking us to save another precious life.  We saw our precious little one on The Shepherd's Crook - an amazing ministry begun by Scott and Kathy Rosenow.  I encourage you to visit them on  They advocate for the adoption of precious children with special needs.  When we first saw Grace, we fell in love - as only adoptive parents can do.  However, when we tried to look into adopting her, we were told, "No."  We had more than the allowed amount of kids.  I was heartbroken, but it appeared every door was closed - not only for Grace, but for any other international adoption.  I thanked God for clearly closing the doors and tried to trust He had a different plan.  However, throughout the last months, He kept whispering on my heart that we needed to save another one.  Redemption whispers.  Finally, His pressing on my heart was strong enough that I cried out in prayer, "Okay, I get it!  I want to save another one, but all the doors are closed.  What do you want me to do?"  A little later, I walked into my son's room and saw Grace's picture hanging on his wall.  I thought, "Why not? I will ask again."  When I contacted the agency this time, we got a much different response!  We were shocked!  I say that I believe that God can do all things, but then I am amazed when He does something as simple as open the doors as He has planned all along....

There is obviously much more to this story, but my precious family needs me.  I just couldn't allow Mother's Day to go by without beginning Grace's story here.  Her redemption story.  I want to hold my little girl - I am asking God to assure her little heart that her mama is coming....this is the last Mother's Day she will spend alone, God willing.

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