Tuesday, May 29, 2012

HE is Mighty to Save

UPDATE!!!!  Gabby has been redeemed here on earth!  A family has stepped forward to save her.  All glory to God in Heaven!
My heart is breaking tonight....no one to redeem her......What if my Redeemer had never come?  What if He never paid the price for me?  What if He had never chosen to take God's wrath upon Himself for me?  What if He never said, "I will.  I will pay whatever the cost."?  What if He never said,"My life for yours."?  I would be lost forever...unable to save myself....

Gabby's heavenly Redeemer is mighty to save....she has never left His sight....not once in all her lonely days and nights with no one to hold her close and whisper words of love to her....but her earthly redeemer has not come.  No one has said, "I will.  I will pay whatever the cost for Gabby's redemption."  No one has said, "My life for yours."  How my heart breaks....no one has come. 

If I were able, I would be the one.  This life is precious...I would trade the comforts of my life to give her comfort and love.  But God has already placed us on another path - He has asked us to redeem His little Grace.  We are still waiting for the orphanage to give their final approval.  There is nothing we can do to redeem Gabby right now...except ask the Mighty Redeemer to move His Hand to save her here on earth.  He is mighty to save.  I am asking for a redeemer here on earth to save her until she is forever free in heaven.  Won't someone pay the price of her redemption

Please raise your voice with me on her behalf.... Where would we be if He had not redeemed us?


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